In his most recent release, Callum Gaudet presents Winnebago Lovers, a charming americana ballad that captures the heart. The song effortlessly weaves together delightful melodies, tender vocals, and endearing lyrics, creating a tapestry of unimaginable musical beauty. With an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, this track’s easy-going vibe captivates listeners right from the start, drawing them into its enchanting embrace. Winnebago Lovers is a musical gem that embodies the essence of americana, leaving an indelible mark with its genuine and sweet-sounding portrayal of affection.

This is a love song from my youth, but not for any one person; it’s a love song for the kind of person I hoped to be with, and the kind of life I wanted to live,” said Gaudet (he/him). “I grew up in rural Nova Scotia where the ocean, the woods, and the stormy weather were all big parts of my upbringing. When I moved to the city after graduating from high school, I was enamored with the cultural diversity, the food, and the fact that live music happened every weekend.” Callum Gaudet