Swedish born multi-artist Boko Yout just released his debut EP AS SEEN ON TV, featuring the standout track TIKTOK, under the label Hoopdiggas Recordings. Boko Yout boldly defines his music as “Afro Grunge” and upon listening to TIKTOK, it becomes evident that his sound is a captivating amalgamation of myriads of influences. The track effortlessly weaves together elements from 90s hip-hop, the Bristol trip-hop scene, Jamaican reggae, and the laid-back indie ethos of underground rock acts., to mention a few By breaking stereotypes and embracing a wide range of sounds,

Boko Yout’s music becomes a celebration of freedom of expression and with this EP, he sets his sights on transcending the boundaries of the Scandinavian underground scene and aiming for international stardom or, at the very least, gaining well-deserved recognition.