And the Broken is an exciting addition to the vibrant indie rock scene in Malmo, and their latest offering, the sixth and final release in the “panther” series, titled Puttin’ Out Fires (HURT), solidifies their place in it. This track is a sonic journey that traverses the realms of rock history, encapsulating elements of ’70s glam, ’60s rock ‘n’ roll, and ’90s indie rock. It’s like a kaleidoscopic expedition through the decades, summarizing the evolution of rock from the early ’60s to the present in just three intense minutes.

The Swedes capture the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll without succumbing to larger-than-life choruses, allowing the music to speak in its own raw and honest way. It’s all about loud amps, haunting vocals, and a distinctively abrasive flavor. Puttin’ Out Fires (HURT) is a testament to their authenticity, delivering unpolished, unadulterated rock in its purest form.