At 89, Abdullah Ibrahim, a distinguished NEA Jazz Master, unveils 3. Born in Cape Town, his music fuses African, American jazz, and classical influences. Recorded in London, this album showcases his rich musical journey. Water from an Ancient Well, the closing track, epitomizes Ibrahim’s timeless creativity, resonating with a profound sense of history and emotion. With each note, Ibrahim invites listeners into a world where the past merges with the present, offering a deeply humanized reflection on life, culture, and the enduring power of music. Out on Gearbox Records.

Recently speaking to Arts24, Ibrahim says, “The idea is that we incorporate all of this. I call it Satoyama Africa which is this biodiversity with music, astrophysics, and farm produce. For young people, the idea is to come there and engage in this. And for young musicians for example, composing in this dynamic. We have the ancient earth, and we have our sights beyond the milky way.”