A Beacon School, the dream pop project helmed by New York-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick J. Smith, has recently unveiled the Alone EP. This enchanting EP kicks off with its title track, Alone, which was expertly mixed by Sonny DiPerri, known for his work with musical luminaries like Trent Reznor, My Bloody Valentine, M83, Dave Sardy, and David Longstreth. Alone is a mesmerizing concoction of dream pop and shoegaze, featuring irresistible melodies, euphoric sonic textures, and Smith’s hazy, ethereal vocals. It’s a sonic journey that immerses listeners in a blissful, otherworldly soundscape, inviting them to get lost in its mesmerizing allure.

“Alone” is about the moment when you feel like your luck is finally turning. Nothing’s been going your way, so when you catch the faintest glimmer of hope you grab on to it as tight as you can.” Patrick J. Smith