Last Day Deaf is radiant to be the Media Partner for the upcoming live appearance of the Swedish gothic/psych rock band Then Comes Silence, carrying the impressive, 2022’s album ‘Hunger‘ in their luggage but also the vital experience of their very first U.S. tour that went pretty well, and that’s promising enough for an unforgettable night at Death Disco! TCS will be joined on stage by the Greek solo post punk/goth rock outfit Reflection Black (don’t miss out ‘their’ Q&A!).

The event is ‘powered’ ElektroSpank & VoodooD Productions!

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About Then Comes Silence

Then Comes Silence is a Swedish musical group formed in Stockholm in 2012. Their early sound was wild and noisy, drawing distinct influences from deep psych-rock and dark shoegaze. In 2015, with their third album “Nyctophilian,” the band gained international recognition, embarking on unique live performances that spread their reputation in Gothic, Darkwave, and Post-Punk communities worldwide. They signed with the renowned Nuclear Blast label in 2016, where they recorded the LP “Blood” in 2017. They toured extensively in Europe in 2017 and 2019, opening for bands like Fields of the Nephilim and The Chameleons and performing at various festivals. After a successful tour, they signed dual deals with Metropolis Records for North America and Nexilis/Schubert Music for the rest of the world. In August 2022, the band embarked on their first US tour, opening for The Bellwether Syndicate.

Their latest full-length album, “Hunger,” was released on July 1, 2022. Following the departure of guitarist Mattias Ruejas Jonson in the fall of 2022, Then Comes Silence continues as a trio. The “Hunger” tour for 2023 continues with performances in the US, the UK, and the EU.

About Reflection Black

Reflection Black represents the artistic expression of Elis Alex, the mind behind this musical project, stemming from the urban landscapes of Athens. The aim is to convey emotions through melodic Goth Rock and contemporary post-punk, drawing inspiration from Alex’s musical past, including a transition from Black Metal with bands like Ravencult and Nigredo. This fusion of genres captures the essence of Athens, providing a unique lens through which to explore the musical landscapes and visions of Reflection Black.