Last Day Deaf feels pretty indie to announce that is the Media Partner for the awesome 18th May event that will take place at Death Disco. This will be an Athens-Bristol indie pop collaboration event with 4 indie pop acts: From Athens, Le Page & Kissamatic Lovebubbles will join forces with The Rev. Jonny Kinkaid & the iconic The Groove Farm, integral part of the mid 80’s C86 scene. No indie-pop fan should miss this one for no reason!

The very following days, -as Last Day Deaf always does-, interviews from all participating acts will be hosted, along with a contest! A photo tribute also will follow(?)…

The Groove Farm (line-up):

Tim Rippington – Bass Guitar (‘Arrest! Charlie Tipper’, Five Year plan, The Short Stories, Beatnik Filmstars)

Jon Kent – Guitar: (Beatnik Filmstars, Arrest! Charlie Tipper, Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary Nowhere Band)

Andrew Jarrett – Guitar and Vocals: (Beatnik Filmstars, Kyoko, The Total Rejection)

Jez Butler – Drums: (Beatnik Filmstars, Girlboy Girl, Death by Chocolate, 12 Hour Foundation)

Rocker – Keyboards: (The Rosehips, The Flatmates, Arrest! Charlie Tipper, The Total Rejection)

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The Groove Farm – Bio

The Groove Farm sprang into life in 1986. Instantly becoming part of the then growing C86, twee indiepop movement. The band released several Lo-Fi (before Lo-Fi had been invented!) records on their own Raving Pop Blast! Label, and also for The Subway Organisation. One song ‘Baby Blue Marine’ recorded a a cassette player at a rehearsal became a flexi disc (with The Sea Urchins) For Kvatch Fanzine which was written and run by Clare Wadd who went on to form Sarah Records with Matt Haynes. John Peel and Janice Long quickly became supporters of the band, and they were featured in hundreds of fanzines that were doing the rounds during those crazy days of indiepop After four years of good and bad releases, the band split and members went on to form Beatnik Filmstars, Girlboy Girl, and Death By Chocolate/Tomorrow’s World. In 2000 the band reformed for a special one off performance. Some people are hoping this will happen again, but it looks highly unlikely. A new album featuring remastered greatest hits and rarities is released JULY 2011. Andrew is now making lovely pop music as Our Arthur….

Le Page:

Kissamatic Lovebubbles:

The Rev. Jonny Kinkaid:

The Groove Farm: