Toronto-based singer-songwriter Lando Flakes‘ ‘Our Life In Hibernation‘ feels like flipping through the pages of someone’s deeply personal journal. From the very first track, ‘Nothing to Do with You‘, you’re drawn into a raw, intimate acoustic world. The minimalist approach and heartfelt lyrics remind me of the most esoteric moments of Smog-era Bill Callahan and the haunting beauty of Dakota Suite’s ‘The River Only Brings Poison‘. ‘Taking My Life‘ shifts to a brighter tone with its hopeful melody and endearing lyrics like “And maybe if I try my best / To get some rest / Forget about my god damn life.” It’s a brief, uplifting moment that feels like a ray of sunshine breaking through clouds. ‘Just a Feeling‘ amps up the energy with its killer bass line and expressive vocals, sounding like Modest Mouse on anti-depressants. This track’s indie rock vibe and infectious rhythm make it a standout. Then comes ‘Pile of Words‘, a somber, emotionally charged composition that pulls you into the EP’s deepest, most introspective moments. It’s followed by the serene ‘Hurricane Days‘, which brings a sense of peace and acceptance. The chirping birds outside Flakes’ bedroom window at the end of the track add a touch of reality, snapping you out of the dreamlike state the EP has induced.

Recorded entirely in his bedroom, Flakes’ DIY approach gives the EP an authentic, vulnerable feel. “The process was the same as for most of my songs, usually born out of a compulsive need to say or create something,” he explains. This raw honesty makes ‘Our Life In Hibernation‘ a compelling, deeply relatable listen. It’s an emotional journey that resonates long after the final note.

Christos Doukakis