• Q & A with Demid of Materia Productions

Please give us a brief bio of the label. How did it start, til today….

Materia Productions was founded in 2015. We made some tape releases and 1 vinyl of American band Captive. Captive LP production was suggested by our friend Stephen from USA who lives in Moscow and runs an experimental music project. We also organize shows for European musicians in Russia – such as Lower, Lust For Youth, Soho Rezanejad, Jessica 93 among others, because we have good music blogs in Russian social media which can provide information & support for events. Unfortunately, for the time being we don’t have any musicians who are associated with  their names only with Materia, but some young artists from Russia who are our friends and help them promote their stuff, organize and support their shows (Manunkind / Gerten, Sobranie 8 18, Morenceli etc).

Which labels inspired you most to make your own?    

We like Sacred Bones Records, Hospital Productions, Posh Isolation, Avant! Records.                               

Which is the motto for Materia Productions?

We don’t have a motto, but I can say unity of music and visual  art is really important for us.

Which are the advantages and disadvantages of running a music label today?

We can release in physical format and organize  shows for our favourite artists; this is an honor and advantage of course! We don’t make any profit and a lot of time is spent, the disadvantages.

Which are your future plans for the label?

We don’t have special plans, but certainly we will make some good shows for European artists. We have planned to make large shows including a famous European secret headliner in a large venue (700-800 capacity).  And maybe we will make some new cassette releases from uprising Russian musicians.

  • Three distinctive Materia Productions releases


Angeles ‎– ‘Selected Works

Selected Works‘ of experimental electronic project Angeles by Soho Rezanejad – new danish synthpop star-, is a new compilation of unreleased ambient and neoclassical tracks after her album on Janushoved label. Special deluxe 2xCS albums limited by 50 copies. Soho’s visual art looks like better works of Posh Isolation!


Fraunhofer Diffraction ‎– ‘Ultima Ratio

Fraunhofer Diffraction is the one-man project of Stan Martens – a young producer based in Moscow. He uses all colors of electronic music in his works: from light synthwave to minimal techno and hard noisy ambient. ‘Ultima Ratio‘ is a new “raw house” experience for the musician. And it’s also the first physical edition of Fraunhofer Diffraction – limited to 60 special glitter design tapes.


Breathing Problem ‎– ‘Bed of Sex, Pit of Tar

Breathing Problem is a side-project of Rusty Kelly (Austin), known for his participation in Captive and Total Abuse. In his solo project, the man unleashes his dark creativity in the shape of this experimental noise/ambient work. Devoted to the aesthetic aspect of sadism, domination and sexual pleasures, this album combines both haunting suspense and ecstatic pressure.








Curated by: Fabrizio Lusso