After 15 years of not a single disappointment in their music career, the Progressive/ Psychedelic/ Sludge metal band Kylesa comes to an end. Ιn their official Facebook page, the members of the band announced that they have no future plans as a band, deciding to take a break. While the word “break” hides a promise of reunion, the band makes it clear that probably we won’t hear from them in the future. Here’s the original announcement:

“To our fans and friends… After 15 years of nonstop touring and writing, we decided that it is time for a break. A lot of you have been asking when we are coming to your part of the world and that means a lot to us. However, we feel it should be known that as of now we have no plans to play any shows or work on any new material. We have collectively decided to take a hiatus with no set date to reconvene. We want to give a huge thanks to all our fans, friends, and family for the support over the years. It has been a killer journey and a real pleasure meeting so many amazing people along the way.”

Kylesa is an American band that was formed in 2001 in Savannah, Georgia. The core-members have been Phillip Cope (guitars, vocals), Laura Pleasants (guitars, vocals) and Carl McGinley (drums, percussion). Along with several EPs and singles, they released seven studio albums, each one with a special and unique musical identity. Τhey definitely left their mark on hard sound, creating an interesting prog-/psych-/ punk sound with genuine metal elements. If you haven’t heard any of their stuff yet, now is a good time. They have given us enough, not to forget them despite their end.

Mary Kalaitzidou