Summer is coming to an end, but if the heat is unbearable, you need to listen to this little masterpiece. Released by Cold Spring, ‘Needles Into The Ground’ is a perfect joint venture between Khost and Godflesh. The album is the result of Khost’s corrosive shroud arranged by Godlfesh. From one side we have the industrial and esoteric drone style of Khost, from the other side the industrial and rabid metal of Godflesh. The two realities of Birmingham meet in this wonderful work. The result?

A brief but intense work. Only four tracks reworked by Godflesh ( except for one unpublished song). Sounds frantic, dark and heavy fog that the space and time of the listener. Full and rich waves. The hands of Broadrick and Green were unmistakable, keeping the violence and the power of Khost. It would be interesting to see them live. Probably, it would be an explosive event. One of the most interesting aspects of this collaboration is the quality of sounds. Despite being an album with very heavy content, the quality of this record stands out at the top. The bass sound is in perfect style, -Godflesh-, (sometimes reminiscent to Shellac’s bass) and creates great atmosphere with an intrusive loop.

The battery takes a steady pace and the charm and guitars paint features that complement, along with the voice, this great wall of sounds. The packaging is interesting too. Three versions of this album are available by Cold Spring.

What else to say? Enjoy the rest of the summer with this nice album and remain patient for new works and why not? Maybe a live event with Andy Swan and Godflesh.

Antonio Cristofaro