2020 has been the least productive, and yet somehow also the most productive year of my life. Aside from being in the middle of releasing my sophomore record, My Next Mistake (check out fresh new single and video for, 17), I also wrote and recorded a whole other record with multiple Grammy nominated producer, Mark Howard.But like, aside from that, I have the cleanest house in Canada. Here are some albums and radio shows that have kept me company while cleaning (and re-cleaning) my house this year in Cobourg, On.

1- First I make the coffee. I like it strong.

I make my way to the turn table and start slow. Jeroen van Veek plays Erik Satie most likely. Satie’s music has been referred to as “ furniture music” hahaha. It’s designed to be heard but not listed to. Perfect!

2- The coffee is starting to work now.

My eyes are opening and I want something a little brighter. Gordon Lightfoot’s, The Way I Feel, is a desert island record for me. It’s sweet and bright but the stories are darrrrkkkkk. Listen to Go-Go Round. God that song moves me! It’s so romantic. Ha

3- Ok now my brain is stimulated so it’s a good time to clean the kitchen. Because like, it’s a pandemic and I’m supposed to stay home. 

I have just enough time to get the party started before my radio show starts.
Shocking Blue, Hello Darkness. I dare you to not LOVE that fuckin song. 
Dishes done, new coffee.

4- Ok so if it’s 11:30 on a Thursday or Saturday morning, I tune into, Under The Influence w Terry O’Reilly on CBC1. It’s a show about advertising. Haha. Boring right? Hell no! It’s sooo cool. The history of famous advertising campaigns. It’s cool like Mad Men is cool. 

But like…. it’s Canadian, so it’s just the right amount of dorky. Perfect for sorting laundry and re-tidying.

5- Maybe I put on some Buck Owens. Anything by him, really. 

Now it’s time to do some real cleaning. Like get the vacuum out, cleaning.

6- Ok fuck cleaning, I’m hungry. Jennifer Castle’s, Monarch Season. It’s an ear bath. Soft and warm, like my scrambled eggs.

7- Neil Young, On The Beach. It’s like having a friend over.

8- I was recently turned on to Armenian/American pianist and composer, Tigran Hamasyan. I’m really digging disinfecting my bathroom to his weird jazz.

9- Ok the place is looking good! 

Some fresh Kathleen Edward’s arrived recently. Total Freedom on gold vinyl. I can feel the freedom in her voice. I’ll probably grab my cat Cleave at this point and we’ll have a dance in the living room.

10- Now I’ll likely start going through my mixes that Mark Howard sent over from our session in June. Now the party really starts!

It’s time to mess up the house.