The earthy single features whispered poetry over soft beats that echo with deep, low-end bass. Accented by sultry, sexy, and smooth synths, “Soft Whisper” beckons and yearns for a greater understanding of the universe, the power of love, and the supernatural forces beyond our control.

The lyrics say, “Soft lips whisper and they pretend. Shadows dance in the distance, as they call upon your voice again. There is a glimmer of hope through the moonlight. And we get there in the end.”

Over six minutes in length, “Soft Whisper” is a prolific and promising song that powerfully demonstrates JOY’s skill and range as a gifted electronic music producer.


In a music world longing for unique and groundbreaking music, Los Angeles based producer Ken Hankins, AKA JOY, dynamically exhibits the fusion of modern-day ingenuity, creativity, and passion. Choosing the name JOY in honor of the inspiring wave of ecstatic energy he feels when producing music, he incorporates a wide range of influences that color his sound with unique sonic textures. While capturing the deepest of universal emotions, he eloquently combines techno, IDM, chillout, and downtempo flavors. His efforts never cease and continue to lend their influence to every facet of the sound he creates. JOY’s timeless music can best be described as sexy, sultry, passionate, cinematic, and organic beats that powerfully capture the human experience.

After writing his first song on the piano at ten years old, he was then inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode and Skinny Puppy to begin manipulating audio on his Apple IIGS computer. Developing an obsession early on for synthesizers and midi sequencers, Ken wrote 50 songs by just the age of fourteen. This would later form the foundation of his compositional skills. Around that same time, he learned how to build PC computers and began buying analog and digital drum machines and synthesizers.

After moving to Los Angeles early on in his career, Ken had the opportunity to work under the legendary producer, Bernd Burgdorf, in his studio for nearly a decade. Caught in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, soon after his arrival in Los Angeles, he found himself touring with Christina Aguilera as the DJ in her band for her Genie in a Bottle Tour (circa 2000) and opening for Destiny’s Child in Toronto that summer. Around that time he began releasing a myriad of different genres of electronic music, most notably progressive trance and house. He then signed his track “She Rides” to Paul Oakenfold’s label, Perfecto in 2001.

JOY’s music has continued to shape and mold over the years, moving distinctly into the realm of IDM (intelligent dance music). When he isn’t producing music under the moniker JOY, he produces music for other artists as Ken Hankins. After a life-changing incident in 2006, Ken realized that downtempo electronica was the genre which had had the strongest impact on his musicianship. He soon after began work on his debut album Soft Whisper, a long-awaited record to be released later this year.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djjoy_electrobass/