Conceptually ‘jedidiah’ came from the idea of what determines the length of a piece. Sometimes it may feel arbitrary. Living in this arbitrary sensibility, lengths were determined by the duration of ten separate field recordings. From these, the general length and progression were determined, even if the final result did not even include the original recording at all. When writing I find limitation to be of utmost importance, and this structure felt like a place to begin.

The field recordings were taken on a recent retreat into nature, during a time in my life of great change and unknown. I found myself contemplating the smallness of human age in the context of nature, the joy letting go can bring, and the importance of resisting being swept along by capitalist advancement and destruction. Those close to me have said that this album is perhaps darker than previous works, and they may be correct. Within this sadness, there is still a hope, a sense of gentle wonder for what the future may bring.