Folk artist Jane Weaver, of Kill Laura and Misty Dixon fame, recently became the leader of Fenella, a trio featuring Peter Philipson and Raw Ullah. The group’s debut album ‘Fehérlófia‘ is a fresh, newly conceived soundtrack for Marcell Jankovics’ 1981 cult classic animated fantasy film of the same name (known as the ‘Son of the White Mare‘ in English).

The LP is one of many in a ‘re-imagined score series’ released by Fire Records. Via the label’s site: “‘Fehérlófia’ is a remarkable animation based in ancient folklore with a narrative culled from mythical tales of the Scythans, Huns and Avars. Weaver’s richly emotional and psychedelic music offers a perfect contemporary dialogue with Jankovics’ astonishing visual aesthetic. A mixture of ambient textures, menacing drones and spine-tingling vocals combine to create a lavish soundscape saturated with hypnotic moods and cinematic atmosphere.”

The trio found themselves in a remote cottage on the Applecross Peninsula in North West Scotland for the initial albums sessions, a choice that most likely heavily complimented the film. The first single from the soundtrack – clocking in at three minutes and fifty-six seconds – comes in the form of ‘Bright Curse‘. An accompanying video was released featuring trippy brightly colored visuals that will have you spacing out (in a good way) as much as Spacemen 3 or the Cocteau Twins. ‘Fehérlófia‘ will be sold on ink-spot vinyl limited to only 500 copies (individually foiled and numbered) and is set for release November 1st via Fire Records. Check out the LP’s tracklisting along with tour dates, artwork, and ‘Bright Curse‘ down below.


Fehérlófia’ Tracklist:

1. Slow Swoop

2. Three Heads Rising

3. Bright Curse

4. Occurring In Waves

5. Triangular Journey

6. The Seed

7. Pendulum

8. Shard Of Glass

9. Truly Seduced

10. Rock Creature

11. The Spectacle

12. Battle

13. Echo Chamber Of Your Heart

14. Strength In Air

15. Rotation Wells

16. Gilded Griffin

17. Transfiguration into One

Tour Dates:

October 11 – Glorious Traces, The Glad Café Glasgow, UK

October 12 –  Lost Map All-dayer Edinburgh, UK

December 14 – Outer Limits, Studio 9294, London UK w/ Vanishing Twin, Death and Vanilla, Pictish Trail & Islet

Sarah Medeiros