Last week Helado Negro released a new song, ‘It’s My Brown Skin‘ from the upcoming ‘Private Energy‘ (October 7th) via the Asthmatic Kitty Records. Living all his life as an offspring of Ecuadorian immigrants Helado Negro, aka Roberto Carlos Lange, wrote:

My skin glows in the dark shines in the light / It’s the color that holds me tight / My brown me is the shade that’s just for me / I’m never not missing anything but me‘.

The song feels like a conversation: thoughts that are spoken out loud and aim to the conservatives during a struggle that takes place in USA with the “Black Lives Matters” movement and the Trump‘s presidential campaign.

Negro, who gained recognition with the song ‘Young, Latin & Proud‘, is an influential artist that creates not only with his lyrics and music but also with his live performances and video art. Check out his personal website and his bandcamp page for more.

Malina Tzachristou