This is the Fedric’s story. A crusader who breaks a mysterious stone, and after that he travells to a parallel world. This is a story of his quest, and all the battles he has to give. But this is not only Fedric’s story. It’s everybody’s story, of how we may choose to fight for the things we long for. It’s a simulation to our lives, of all the things we fight in our attempt to find the truth. An endless fight where the trophy is the journey and not the end. Fedric could be a new Don Quixote, only that he is not fighting for his Dulcinea Del Toboso.

Also, this is Federico Carro’s second novel with title “The King Of Light. The Order Of The Dark Gods”

Federico Carro is a young writer who was born in La Spezia in Italy. His first book was “Il Segreto del Verziere”. Carro’s other passion is music. He easily writes songs like he writes novels. His latest novel was released on May 10th…..

Your new book “The King of light. The order of the Dark gods” is the story of a crusader who wants to conquer Jerusalem.  Can we say that Gods in the book are today’s temptations of the modern life that we live and the battle for us to keep ourselves, or at least not to lose ourselves?

Yes exactly! The dark gods can reflect on today’s modernity, which, with the wickedness of some events and people, overturn the destiny of the people, as well as maneuvering life. A continuous struggle so as not to get caught up in evil and to be yourself in all the difficulties of life.

Many people say that the place we live, is important to our life because it shapes our view of things. You are residing in Italy, in a place of great history, great monuments etc.  Was the place you live the impulse of your book?

The life in my book is full of stories and legends from many parts of the world! The adventure of Fedrick starts from Jerusalem until you get to Turin and beyond, traveling so many areas scattered in my world parallel to ours that I modified myself! Surely the Italian environment as well as abroad has influenced a lot the settings of the story.

Your other love as far as I know, is music. And, as a musician and as a writer that you are, what would you think asking you if you would be interested in marrying those two, and become a director? 

I would say that I would like so much! My director and I are currently working on a very ambitious project that will take the rest of this year. I’m talking about the film script of the aforementioned novel! My goal is to create a film one day, I already composed the soundtracks, soon will be released an unreleased track album created by me inspired by the book called “The King Of Light“.

Can you tell us a few words about your first book “Il Segreto Del Verziere”?

My first novel is titled: “Il Segreto del Verziere” a novel always connected with my second novel: “The King Of Light. The Order Of The Dark Gods” tells of a village where long ago was governed by the monarchy, one day the King fell ill with the kingdom, for his son Lejacke succeeded him to the throne. The kingdom continued to fall more and more where one day a mysterious man appeared and, making a mysterious agreement with Lejacke, they disappeared along with the ruin that demolished the kingdom. The monarchy disappeared giving way to anarchy, where nature, first in symbiosis with man, begins to rebel, putting a hand on the fate of every person, maneuvering himself to people at will in a subtle and mean way. Corcelsio and Virtuoso the two main parsonages inexperienced with nature, they will discover that the country is governed by an evil and mysterious entity that plays with the fate of every living being inside that village.

Being a musician, and a writer at the same time, do you think that you overexpose yourself, at least nowadays that every information travels too fast?

I think of my future every day, thinking about how to create it, manage it, make it mine. Realize my inspirations, my dreams, without renouncing the obstacles and difficulties that my choice of life entails. I think that information is used to make known what is created. I came to me, is a showcase to expose their works, where the future can change within it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have the feeling that you prefer to ‘live’ in the past time. If this is the case, is the fear of our mortality the reason, or is this a period of time that you admire most?

I have always admired the Middle Ages, a historical period full of magic, mystery, stories and legends related to man and his thought, full of mythological and fascinating creatures. My novel was a historical novel, then I preferred to shoot the story in a world of my own, far from the history written by strong and decisive men for our present. The historical period in the novel was chosen by me for magical, esoteric and mysterious and fantastic reasons, thus linking particular adventures in a whole new world to be discovered.


Let’s get back to music, if you have to make a soundtrack of today’s times, what kind of music would you think that it the most representative? In addition, would you ever think of doing an audio-book?

The soundtracks I composed are in a modern style, a little fantasy but with today’s sinth, a mix between the past of the Middle Ages and the present. I would like to make an audiobook one day of my novels. Recently I made a historical trailer on my second novel in English, which explains more the plot of the book, told by me with my voice.

Getting a bit personal now: What led you to be a writer and a musician? Is there any fear hiding behind that, or is it the “sweet” smell of being famous?

My story began with the departure of my childhood friend, where I created a poem by dedicating it to her. with the passage of time it became my first song called ‘Come Un Lampo‘. From there I found the strength to bring out a talent I did not think I had. a talent on writing but also on music, thus recording two musical albums and writing two novels, as well as several poems still unpublished. Being famous for me goes to the second place in my interest, I like to create and demonstrate to the world what I can do. My works must become more famous than myself, a bit like what happened to many artists of the past.

Love is maybe the most important thing in life. History has proved, that all the big things happen for love, but some things happen just because of greediness. Which one of those two is for you the most intense?

Love can make man’s ideology change, as well as his own interest and future. Greed can lead to hatred towards friends and relatives and if prolonged to rancor. The most sublime and virtuous sentiment remains and will always remain love. Greed is nothing more than an endless search for material objects, with the passing of time one loses one’s own feelings, the value of things, affection and the soul. Love, on the other hand, brings brotherhood, friendship, love for the family, it aims at creating a bond and not in destroying for a handful of coins with no value.

Do you believe that your art is something that it speaks for present, or it is something that can stay for many years?

I believe that my art is contemporary, as well as a seal that will remain in the years to come. I believe that my trilogy: “The King Of Light” will prevail in history, remaining like an immortal imprint of a fantastic and timeless history … Fedrick’s deeds will remain a symbol of a new modern hero, even if set in ancient times.

Konstantinos Pamfiliss