Five fresh tunes that invaded our “sonic universe” will be presented every now and then with Instant Karma. Futhermore, we invented ‘The Karmo-meter’ for you. Ready? Go! 


Who: Opus Orange

Opus Orange is the indie-synth pop recording project of LA-based musician, Paul Bessenbacher.

The track: Tell It Like It Is

In a few words: From the very first until the 3:49 mark, we feel more than blessed to experience the absolute track for this Summer, just before its end. Shimmering indie pop with divine synths that will drive all ‘indie kids’ crazy. An absolute tenner… And we tell it like it is! Thank you heaps!

The Karmo-meter: 




Who: Devon Welsh

Devon Welsh is the former frontman of critically acclaimed art-pop duo Majical Cloudz.

The track: Somebody Loves You

In a few words: After last year’s debut solo album, Devon Welsh sounds more mature and ‘less distant’ than ever, sharing his immediate, emotionally deep indie ‘diamond’ ‘Somebody Loves You’ with us. Listening to Devon’s voice and delicate soundscapes (don’t expect crescendos!) wll make you feel this unique comfort, equivalent to the warmest hug. Like a magical cloud full of positive feelings & hope…

Devon Welsh’s upcoming sophomore solo album ‘True Love’, is out on October 11 via his own record label You Are Accepted.

The Karmo-meter: 





Who: Djunah

Chicago two-piece noise rock outfit.

The track: Animal Kingdom

In a few words: Now what have we got here? This will blow you off. ‘Animal Kingdom’ by Djunah (pronnounced JUNE-uh) is a 2-minute noise rock attack with Donna Diane’s ‘scraping-until-bleed’ vocal performance that will keep you haunted for days. On the band’s press notes, saw a reference on seminal, but tragic, band Brainiac which is an extra asset. Take a deep breath and press the play button below. Good luck!

This dynamite is taken off the band’s debut album ‘Ex Voto’ out on November 1st.

The Karmo-meter: 




Who: Intenso

Intenso are an enigmatic, experimental rock trio from Perth, Western Australia.

The track: Prophets of No God

In a few words: The self-titled track from Intenso is an experience ideal for those late night hours, and most importantly on headphones. The trip lasts for just over 8 and a half minutes, and get ready to jump into an ethereal subconscious, where nightmares mix up with our wildest dreams. Experimental rock forms, drone-y ambient soundscapes, free jazz outbursts, improvisation, all in 1 track. Not for the faint-hearted….

The EP was produced and engineered by multi-award-winning film and stage composer Steve Paraskos, and you should definitely check out!

The Karmo-meter: 





Who: Echodrone

(Beyond) shoegaze quartet from San Francisco.

The track: Winter

In a few words: An 18+ minute. spine-chilling, “shoegaze meets post-rock” opus that will utterly fascinate you after its 8th minute. Staggering!

‘Everything Starts to be a Reminder’ is out September 10, via Dome A Records.

The Karmo-meter: 


Christos Doukakis