Five fresh tunes that invaded our “sonic universe” will be presented every now and then with Instant Karma. Futhermore, we invented ‘The Karmo-meter’ for you. Ready? Go! 

Who: Taylor Kopp

Taylor Kopp is a singer-somgwriter from Portland, Oregon.

The track: A Dream I Had

In a few words: Cannot think of anything closer to what could be the ‘Imagine’ of this generation, than of this stunning, indie folk treasure by Taylor Kopp. Vital for every dreamer, and for those who still keep the flame lit. Timeless!

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: State Park Ranger

Asheville, NC folk rock band with a lot of spirit.

The track: Mountain Kin / Anodyne

In a few words: ‘Mountain Kin / Anodyne’ is an uncommon and a haunting blend of folk with post rock. And the message of this opus in the band’s own words: ““Well it never ends” is all I’ve been thinking lately. Being caught at the bottom of the economy never allows for a break. Even being at home now, I am spending borrowed and stolen time. I don’t own my time, I’m a thief for resting, and I’m lazy if I do not desire more than what I need. Capitalism is unsustainable.

Like ‘F♯ A♯ ∞’-era Godspeed You Black Emperor! & Palace had a (bastard) baby!

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Who: Jon the Guilt

American post punk outfit with heavy indie rock and punk influences…

The track: F.O.R.G.iv.E

In a few words:all your limitations and your bending of truths; should I forgive and forget nah, fuck you and fuck that too….F-o-r-g-I-v-e”. Explicit lyrics, in this post punk dynamite with anthemic, indie rock, healing from the ongoing(?)”pandemic” era!

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Who: MYY.

MYY. (*pronounced “miː”, the period is a part of the band name) is a bassless instrumental band based in Tokyo, Japan, formed by the guitarist and composer Hiroshi Kambara.

The track: Snow Bell

In a few words: ‘Snow Bell’ by Tokyo based outfiy MYY., made me feel the equivalent shivers and spine-chilling emotion, I felt some 23 years ago when I first “spinned” Mogwai’s matserpiece ‘Teen Rapid’. Ready for some infectious post rock and divine, bleeding guitar riffage?

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: Zerotonine

Zerotonine is a techno DJ and producer from Germany/Switzerland!

The track: Power

In a few words: Zerotonine rarely disappoints, and ‘Power’ is an acid techno banger, that will make you turn your “lockdown” cellar into the ideal darkroom for the chosen few housemates! Turn this beast up loud!

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Christos Doukakis