Five fresh tunes that invaded our “sonic universe” will be presented every now and then with Instant Karma. Furthermore, we invented ‘The Karmo-meter’ for you. Ready? Go! 

Who: Riches

The manifestation of an ongoing dialogue between Catherine McCandless, lead singer of Montreal, Canada’s Young Galaxy, and choreographer Wynn Holmes.

The track: The Frequency

In a few words: The 3rd single as Riches, is an alluring blend of dream pop with new wave, inspired by the “desire to step outside of the limits of ourselves”…. Fans of 4AD & Factory Records should invest on this band!

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Who: Altameda

Canadian folk-americana outfit with retro soul sensitivity…

The track: Sweet Susie

In a few words: ‘Sweet Susie’ is taken from Altameda’s recently released album ‘Born Losers’, a soulful, folk diamond with emotive vocals, rich arrangement, and a remarkable crescendo… Beautiful music destined for the listeners’ hearts…

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Who: Meyru

New York indie rock band capable of releasing modern rock masterpieces….

The track: Marcy Pts 1 & 2

In a few words: 2022 will be remembered for the war in Ukraine leaving thousands of life casualties, immigrants, poverty etc, etc. On the positive side, this year will be remembered for the astral, magnum opus ‘Marcy Pts 1 & 2’ by Meyru. An 8-minute modern rock masterpiece, with bluesy feel, excellent, crunchy guitar, and a volcanic crescendo for the brave ones… This is 2022’s ‘Purple Rain’,… Thank you for the music, thank you for reminding us we are still alive and most importantly, thank you for unleashing so much emotion in such an impassive era!

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MOTORCADE is a band from Dallas, Texas. Members are James Henderson, Andrew Huffstetler, John Dufilho and Jeff Ryan.

The track: Retreat

In a few words: Dallas music veterans who have recorded, toured with St. Vincent, The War on Drugs, The Apples In Stereo, Daniel Johnston, and more, MOTORCADE, recently returned with their first album in 4 years, ‘See You In The Nothing’, from which we chose ‘Retreat’. A stunning post punk/synth-pop banger mainly influenced by The Cure, New Order & The Jesus and The Mary Chain! Stay tuned for their 9+1 Q&A coming soon!

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Who: Kat Von D

Long before the history-making tattoos, ubiquitous television shows, best-selling books, and influential beauty empire, Kat Von D sat down at a piano for nearly two hours a day and played

The track: ENOUGH (Bat Cave Mix)

In a few words: Kat Von D’s ‘ENOUGH (Bat Cave Mix)’ is a compelling amalgam of atmospheric post punk with larger-than-life alternative rock, and is featuring living legend Dave Grohl on drums. Original track version can be found on the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Love Made Me Do It’.

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Christos Doukakis