Five fresh tunes that invaded our “sonic universe” will be presented every now and then with Instant Karma. Futhermore, we invented ‘The Karmo-meter’ for you. Ready? Go! 


Who: Naoko

Naoko is a unique Norwegian experimental indie r&b duo (Charite Viken and Erlend Elvesveen).

The track: Bloom

In a few words: Dark elusive soundscapes, moody, noir atmosphere, outstanding sound & production, Scandinavian quality and a ‘fairy’ soundtracking our wildest dreams… Or maybe nightmares. You decide!

The Karmo-meter: 



Who: Lonely Boa

Lonely Boa is the brainchild of Eve Parker Finley.

The track: Blocks and Passes

In a few words: What I loved most about Lonely Boa’s sublime track ‘Blocks and Passes’, is the warmth and elegance unleashed. Furthermore, it’s a highly cinematic one, and a cross-genre treasure from neoclassical to indietronica and jazz to cinematic. Among the most unique sonic experiences of 2019, you don’t wanna miss! Try this “emotion-capturer” and you won’t regret it…

The Karmo-meter: 



Who: Yammerer

Brit psychedelic post-punk outfit…

The track: Airport

In a few words: ‘Airport’, the lead single from their recently released debut EP ‘Reality Escape Resort’ on Restless Bear Records is an absolute, monolithic post-punk banger with a bold dose of psychedelia. Think of IDLES or perhaps early-era Protomartyr hanging out and drinking a few pints with Can. Or if you prefer, just play the button below… Ace!

If you happen to be anywhere near Cardiff on 21st, make sure you catch those dudes live: 21/12/2019 – Jacobs Antique Centre / Cardiff.

The Karmo-meter: 



Who: Spason Diablos

A multi-instrumentalist and hip hop artist currently living in Tokyo Japan.

The track: (Un)Conscious Hip Hop

In a few words: A solid production, with addictive kick drum beats and flawless, comfident clean rapping by Spason Diablos. Aggressive, straight-edge and catchy as hell. On repeat!

The Karmo-meter: 



Who: Drens

Drens is a wild surf punk four-piece from Dortmund, Europe’s capital of mustache style!

The track: HEAT

In a few words: Well, we all need to get a bit warmer in winter. ‘HEAT’ by German surf punk quartet is the best solution. Take out your swimming trunks from the closet and start dancing wildly in this ultimate surf-punk dance gem. Still reading?

Couldn’t agree more with their quote: ‘HEAT is this feeling of Freedom. This is what I need‘.

The Karmo-meter: 


Christos Doukakis