Five fresh tunes that invaded our “sonic universe” will be presented every now and then with Instant Karma. Futhermore, we invented ‘The Karmo-meter’ for you. Ready? Go! 

Who: Noé Solange

Noé Solange is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, who was born in The Netherlands, raised around the world and now living in London.

The track: Nocturnal Lady

In a few words: Downtempo track with a beautiful and distinctive vocal performance by Noé Solange that ‘paints’ her words on a trip-hop canvas…

The Karmo-meter: 


Who: Ennio The Little Brother

A remarkable lyricist from North Wales and self-taught producer blended soulful dream pop with homemade hip-hop to create a unique soundscape.

The track: Dungarees

In a few words: Hope you are ready for a moody hip-hop track, or maybe two, or even three (?) in the price of 1? Yup, you read well, ‘Dungarees’ is a bold hip-hop track, that changes pace and mood from one verse to another. Experimental, dream pop hip-hop? Whatever it is, we are diging this! Hope you feel the same way…

The Karmo-meter: 


Who: CiiVE

A collaboration of spirit led by the Aussie duo Jacqui Hunt and Brian Conolly.

The track: Stationised

In a few words: ‘Stationised’ is a fine amalgam of downtempo, smooth nujazz soundscapes, alternative spirit, expressive vocal performance, bright experimentation and appeals to all open-minded listeneres and real music lovers. Absolute bliss!

Combined with a stunning video filmed and edited by Brian Conolly, one half of CiiVE.

The Karmo-meter: 


Who: AeTopus

AeTopus is the moniker for Bryan Tewell Hughes who creates a fusion of electronic synth atmospheres, orchestral instrumentation, and tribal/ethnic flavors.

The track: Tenebrion Deep

In a few words: An 8-minute journey into the utter unknown through electronic villages, tribal cyclons, ethereal sceneries and dark wave rivers. ‘Tenebrion Deep’ by AeTopus is a extraordinary pice of electronic music, not giving in to any recent trends. Pure & brilliant!

The Karmo-meter: 

Who: Grace Gillespie

Grace Gillespie is a London-based artist and producer originally from Devon influenced from the folk, psych and dream-pop traditions.

The track: Goodbye

In a few words: Grace Gillespie returns after a while with ‘Goodbye’, a track full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics, proving that she could be female equivalent to Bon Iver. Or even better? Enjoy!

Indie folk at its best!

The Karmo-meter: 


Christos Doukakis