This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: Magic Bronson

Track: ‘Tell All Your Friends’

Los Angeles born-and-based duo Magic Bronson are opening the 8th Indie-Coaster round with their anthemic, experimental indie pop track ‘Tell All Your Frinds‘; The duo is intelligently mixing elements of rock, pop, grunge and electronic, while the song ‘explores the very nature of today’s reality’. Michael Nicastro sings, “This is the time of mass confusion/don’t blink, you might miss the illusion.” Spot on!

Artist: Rob Dobson

Track: ‘Wasted Life’

The debut single ‘Wasted Life‘ by Los Angeles-via-Virginia songwriter and producer Rob Dobson‘s upcoming, first album ‘New Dystopia‘ is a more than fine example of indie americana in the vein of Wilco, with an adorable lap steel guitar, and some bitter lyrics to think of. Promising and highly melodic!

Artist: Grizzly Coast

Track: ‘Catch & Release’

Next up we find Toronto-based indie rock project Grizzly Coast and their latest single ‘Catch & Release‘. Alannah Kavanagh is behind this outfit and she is offering one the most expressive vocal performances combined with gentle dream pop vibes. Dream rock with an indie heart!

Artist: Inland Murmur

Track: ‘Icarus’

What we love most about Inland Murmur‘s ‘Icarus‘, is that, rare, impeccable Sarah Records‘ indie pop quality it unleashes. The London-based quartet takes inspiration from the Welsh countryside of singer Toby Llewellyn’s home and the bustle of city life, and this attractive and uncommon combination of inspirations, is unleashed from their full of nostalgia, eclectic indie pop artistry. Such a gem!

Artist: John McCabe

Track: ‘Intended’

Last Day Deaf has covered and supported Orange Count, LA based musician and songwriter John McCabe in the recent past, since we adore his 80s ala R.E.M. power pop, unaffected from current trends music. ‘Intended‘  is the 2nd single release for this year, and it’s a direct, melodic alt-rock treasure with political peaks.

Artist: American Trappist

Track: ‘The Real Thing’

The Real Thing‘ is the final single before Philadelphia based American Trappist release their new album; An anthemic indie rock banger thats begins in a daytripping ala The War On Drugs‘mood, to progress & build up in the absolute indie rock ‘blast’. With one single word: Opus!

Artist: Dumb

Track: ‘My Condolences’ [Tapetown Sessions]

Ready for some faster spins on this Indie-Coaster? Well, Dumb kill it with their Tapetown Session of ‘My Condolences‘. Canadian post punk outfit gifts us with some addictive angular riffs (an atypical ode to Gang Of Four?) and punk rock attitude. They are fast, furious and….edgy!

Artist: Moscow Apartment

Track: ‘Halfway’

Some breaths are needed, and Moscow Apartment‘s ‘Halfway‘ is perhaps the ideal treat for this, a track full of lush harmonies and ear-melting vocals The band, which is actually a duo is comprised by two youngsters (Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla, aged 17 and 18 accordingly), and judging by this treasure, the future is bright….

Artist: Anna Klein

Track: ‘Lonely’

Anna Klein is a Toronto based singer-songwriter, producer, and performer and her latest single and video ‘Lonely‘ is a fine blend od lush electro pop with eerie dream pop. For those of you who are still missing some 90s vibes, make sure you press the play button below, and you won’t regret it!

Artist: the Rec

Track: ‘fair dos’

fair dos‘ by our British “out-of-the-box” alt-rock darlings the Rec, is a song about obsession in the digital age, taken from the duo’s latest ep ‘ep1: alien zones‘. Packed with psych and electronic elements this gem reminded of great Regular Fries, and make sure you head to their Bandcamp page & support, since all proceeds from Bandcamp downloads go to the Oswestry & Borders foodbank.

Artist: Grace Joyner

Track: ‘Fake Girlfriend’

Fake Girlfriend‘ by Grace Joyner is an indie pop treasure with dream pop sensitivity. With melodies that will seep into your brain, and a stunning, expressive vocal performance this one is among the best examples of 2020’s indie pop music. On endless repeat…

Instant escape from the dystopic reality.

Artist: Monitors

Track: ‘Bloody Mary’

What could happen when the guys from Monitors are locked-down in the three corners of Europe, and isnpired inspired by Abel Ferrara’s movie “Bad Lieutenant“? The answer is the latest single ‘Bloody Mary‘ a hedonistic electronic post punk treat dedicated to demonised, marginalised spirits. Stunning!

Artist: DG Solaris

Track: ‘Don’t Need to Tell You’

DG Solaris‘ latest video ‘Don’t Need to Tell You‘ is taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Spirit Glow‘, and we fell instantly in love with their positive vibe, indie folk melodies, while the bar is raised with the beautiful lyrics:

Don’t need to tell you cos you already know
Don’t need to tell you won’t ever let you go
But I’ll tell you tell you every day
How much I love you how much I care
Don’t need to ask you cause you know what I need
Don’t need to ask you don’t need to plead
You’re just here with me right by my side
You’re just here with me feel so alive…’

Artist: Pennan Brae

Track: ‘Synergy’

Synergy‘ is the lead single off the ‘2 Below 0‘ soundtrack, by alt-rocker Pennan Brae. Influenced by classic rock stylings of the 1960s, 70s & 80s, ‘Synergy‘ is a heated rocker which bursts out of the gate with a guitar riff that doesn’t let up until the very last beat. Turn this up loud!

Artist: Zilverbacks

Track: ‘Woman’

Woman‘ is taken off Zilverbacks‘ recently released debut album ‘The Dark Hores; At A Time When Time Was Irrelevant‘, a moody indie-rocker for late night drives… Cathartic.

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