This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: Mayfly

Track: ‘Black Water’

‘Black Water’ is a mesmerising sample of Montreal indie folk duo Mayfly‘s artistry, characterised by a heartfelt vocal performance, and impressive chamber folk soundscapes. The track begins in an eerie, melancholic, almost hallucinatory way to genuinely build-up into a remarkable, emotive climax…

Artist: Colyer

Track: ‘Weird World’

The eponymous project of musician Steven Colyer is inviting you to its seductive, dreamy world, with the newest single ‘Weird World‘. Colyer‘s most recent ear-candy is a lonesome drive through the mind of a cauterized artist in the depths of Hollywood, CA,, with lo-fi rock aesthetics, dream pop flavour,  and impeccable indie pop ethos. Wow, and just listen to those, haunting, baritone guitars….

Artist: Entrée Libre

Track: ‘Corps à Corps’

Corps à Corps‘ is the opening track from French duo Entrée Libre‘s recently released 5-track EP ‘Avant Premiere‘, a spotless, indie dance anthem, heavily influenced by electro funk with an addictive, groovy bassline, that will get you moving from its very first seconds. Super sexy stuff!

Artist: Connor P

Track: ‘Endless Night’

Connor P is an emerging, independent artist hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, and his debut single ‘Endless Night‘ is an exquisite amalgam of modern indie pop with 80s new wave, heavily influenced of 80s era David Bowie and Roxy Music. A nostalgic song with beautiful vocals and an ideal video for companion, with sweet, retro aesthetics! On our radar for his next steps…

Artist: FERNE

Track: ‘Headache’

High time for some nerve, with Born in Philadelphia, based in Southwest London, FERNE and her alternative rock banger ‘Headache‘. The track is an upbeat, about break-up, inspired by Sam Fender, Arctic Monkeys, and Foo Fighters. Guitar-driven alternative rock with powerhouse vocals at its very best!

Artist: Fleabustiers

Track: ‘Edge of the town’

According to the press release “Fleabustiers is a collective born out of the pandemic and comprising of musicians that have found themselves unable to rehearse, record and perform to a live audience”.  Our first experience with the band is ‘Edge of the town‘, a highly nostalgic pop-rock treasure, with a well balanced amount of poetic lyricism. The best way to discover those eclectic crooners!


Track: ‘Viens’ Feat. CINDY POOCH

MOTEL CLUB recently released their Giorgio Moroder-esque, indie psych sensation ‘Viens‘, with alluring 70s vibes, 100% dancing mood, melodies that will seep into your brain…. A finely calibrated, party anthem for the coming summer days!

Artist: Wonderboat

Track: ‘Slow Kiss’

Montreal based multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Shaun Pouliot‘s creative vehicle Wonderboat‘s 3rd standalone single ‘Slow Kiss‘ is a super stylish blend of electro pop with nu-disco, and with a great sense of humour (make sure you check out the cool video!)… Wow, come on, this chap definitely deserves some (indie) love by the genre’s aficionados.

Artist: Sahara Beck

Track: ‘Stillness’

Queensland, Australia’s Sahara Beck is hitting the gold vein with her transcendent blend of adult contemporary and alternative pop, featuring her sensuous vocals, divine melodies, and excellent guitar work.  ‘Stillness‘ is among her most powerful releases to date, and catchy as hell!!

Artist: KALI

Track: ‘Insomnia’

17 year old LA singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer & indie prodigy KALI recently revealed her latest single ‘Insomnia‘ a taster of forthcoming EP ‘Maltman and Effie‘, out this summer. This one is a fuzzy, indie rock track, with a unique video, and regarding its message the artist shared the following: “’Insomnia’ is probably the most emotionally and mentally taxing song I have made. I had fallen into a pit of anxiety and hopelessness that came with the bitter climax of a failing summer romance. I wrote ‘Insomnia’ as a reminder that I could still care for someone that I could not keep being in contact with due to the amount of pain and insecurity the nature of our interactions made me feel.”

Artist: Scoobert Doobert

Track: ‘Who Am I Really Fooling Anyway’

San Diego based Scoobert Doobert‘s newest single ‘Who Am I Really Fooling Anyway‘ is a super chill, indie/bedroom pop track, inspired by his recent rapid ascent as an in-demand producer and collaborator. We feel more than elated for this dude’s success, and vindicated for trusting in him since his first baby steps….

Artist: Nemos

Track: ‘Almond Milk’

What we adore most of Nemos‘ ‘Almond Milk‘ is the exquisite indie pop sound, bringing in mind the nest moments of great Sarah Records, mixed with The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s coolness. This is a more 80s than 80s aural experience, that will keep you engaged for weeks. On endless repeat!

Artist: Cones

Track: ‘Malice Palace’

Two brothers from San Francisco guarantee far-out escapade from the miserable, daily routine, with their astonishing, indie psych/dream pop single ‘Malice Palace‘. No need for placebos, Cones are here to heal everything!

Artist: FERGUS

Track: ‘Fight Forever’

FERGUS is an  up-and-coming, British singer-songwriter, and has just released her debut album ‘Love Upside Down‘ via Goldun Egg Records.  The lead single ‘Fight Forever’ is an adorable alt pop track with beautiful vocals, uplifting vibes, and a super catchy chorus to sing along!

Artist: An Heirloom

Track: ‘Return Flight’

Last stop in Brisbane where we find indietronica duo An Heirloom with their majestic ‘Return Flight‘; Gentle idm/electronic soundscapes are paired with indie pop melancholy to unleash some shimmering melodies. This one is for patient listeners that will be 100% rewarded once they give over themselves to this rare beauty…

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