Which 8 current gems will make it on this Hip Cassette round-up? Plug that rusty tape player in, press play and make sure you keep notes…

by Christos Doukakis


This Dojo

‘Died a thousand times’

acoustic/lo-fi rock/indie folk

Frank Mighty’s Hotline


bedroom pop/indie folk

Ariel Bird

‘Damage On My Brain’

psych pop/indie

Post Yoga




One Pixel Moon

‘Don’t Tell Us How It’s Gonna End’

indie electronic/indie pop


‘Running Away’

electro pop

Arden Jones



Old Wave

‘Bird Song’

folk/chamber pop

When I was a teenager, working towards dropping out of high school to starting to tour with bands, I’d drive around in my VW Bug every morning before school, very stoned listening over and over to Zeppelin. This song got to me because it just seemed mystical. There is something about those Celtic tunings that almost sounds Eastern. Somehow it would sweep me up into my own little trance-like state, like Sting with those shamans in the Amazon. But all I had was a bong and a Led Zeppelin cassette.

Dave Grohl