Heavy Rotation is on a mission to present 10 of the best (recent) Heavy/Progressive/Power/Epic metal tracks that you must listen…

Curated by: Christos Doukakis

  1. RomuvoS is a Lithuanian, epic, folk, pagan metal band and ‘Memel 1257‘ is taken from their 3rd album ‘The Baltic Crusade‘ out on Dangus.


  1. Leonardo Barilaro is an Italian, international pianist, composer and aerospace engineer, and ‘Quiet Sun‘ is the most ideal smaple of his recently released EP, ‘BlackShip’. Instrumental, progressive metal with heavy influence from ‘space’ in the vein og legendary Liquid Tension Experiment

  1. Progressive/heavy metal band Amoth from Finland have just released ‘The Man Who Watches The World Burn‘, the first release from their upcoming third album.


  1. Ready for some primal and epic/power metal madness from the dungeons of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Blazon Rite are here for this exact reason!

  1. Rising from the ashes of their former band Storm Dragon, the four instrumentalists joined forces with legendary vocalist Tim Aymar; And there we have Helios and their debut EP.  Heavy metal hearts beating fast!

  1. Disillusion, -German progressive metal innovators-, recently unleashed one of their most melodic gems, after their Autumn 2019 comeback in action. Stunning!

  1. Five-piece power metal band from Windhelm, Eastmarch Battle Born‘s debut EP, is one of the finest, recent examples of power metal fury… PLAY LOUD!

  1. Acerus‘ “molten heavy metal from the creator of The Chasm! For fans of Deceased, The Chasm, Ironsword” is an unmissable treat, out on August 14th via Nameless Grave Records.

  1. Scavenger hail from Belgium, and transfer us back to the glorious days of Heavy Metal. Headbanging until the pandemic vanishes!

  1. MoonSun from Germany end this Heavy Rotation round-up, with their stunning, symphonic metal single ‘Lost in a Dream‘. And yes we are indeed…