Heavy Rotation is on a mission to present 10 of the best (recent) Heavy/Progressive/Power/Epic metal tracks that you must listen…

Curated by: Christos Doukakis

  1. Dawnwalker is a British experimental progressive metal/rock band blending heavy music with melodic folk and prog influences. and they recently dropped their latest 6-track ‘Crestfallen EP‘.
  1. Hailing from the Midwest via Richmond IN, Wolftooth shared their heavy metal ‘beast’ ‘Firebreather‘, ahead of their upcoming album release next month on Ripple Music.

  1. Symphonic power metal band RavenLight is from Belftast, Ireland and recently announced the release details about their forthcoming full-length ‘Project Genesis‘.
  1. The title of Khemmis‘ new live mini album clealry describes their sound; ‘Doomed Heavy Metal‘ Heavy/doom metal out on Nuclear Blast.

  1. German outfit YARR mixes epic metal, folk, celtic, black metal, and even pirate metal so looking very much forward to their album ‘Öttilodon‘ on May 15!

  1. HyperioN hail from COVID-struck Italy, and ‘play fast-paced, high-energy heavy metal‘. ‘Into The Maelstrom‘ is their debut album (released today) end expect ace old school heavy metal! 

  1. Cypriots Solitary Sabred proved with their latest album ‘By Fire and Brimstone‘ that they are a more than calcutable band in the European epic metal scene.

  1. Validor is Greek heavy/epic/speed metal band led by guitarist/singer Odi Thunderer. U/g Athenians recently returned with their latest album ‘In Blood In Battle‘ via Bob KatsionisSymmetric Records.

  1. Martyr‘s ‘Fists Of Iron EP‘ is a great example of NWOBHM, although they come from Germany. Fast & furious!

  1. Heliopolis from Virginia Beach, Virginia, create an intense djent heavy metal, progressive metal, symphonic hybrid, and yes it’s dope for a demo!