A personal account—a memoir of sorts. How one artist can reach out and point the way for another: by generosity of spirit and deed and by example. The singer Scott Walker (Engel) lead singer with The Walker Brothers; an American threesome who have travelled to the UK in February 1965 in the hope of becoming successful in the exciting UK music scene. Well they did; and how.This memoire is for the loyal Scott followers. The internet has now made it so easy to keep track of his career and to meet each other online. A good many managed to stay in touch via telephone and snail mail all along and I have promised to write this story to many of them on a few occasions, and I have finally done so. Back in the 70s and 80s we would talk about the possibility of Scott’s music being appreciated by a whole new audience worldwide; a younger audience who would access the music on their terms. That started to happen before the internet and has grown massively since. This book is for you too.