Her music, her studio, her label, her kind: the synth, electro-cold wave universe of Hélène de Thoury, who has taken the genre by storm, releasing her talent and making all dedicated media mention her name. She started the journey in Phosphor, then Minuit Machine, and, since 2014, signing as a solo artist, she has already released three astonishing works, two of them (‘This Fog That Never Ends’ LP, ‘No Hard Feelings’ EP) within this year!

 A raging river in making music, makes her fans consider the differences between her records, always rooting from the hard and uneasy runnel. She can be dark: ‘My Destruction’, depressive: ‘This Fog That Never Ends’, dancing: ‘In Cold Water’, retro as September’s ‘Living In A French Movie’. All consist of musings of an easy self-shaping talent that follows the star of her creations.

Hante. is a special artist who still hasn’t reached her individual top, and here we are witnessing the ‘No Hard Feelings’ EP more bright, and a little more technically advanced that sounds as if Hante., has broken out of a dull and foggy period, into her indie-light. Retro’s, synths, modulars, arranging the vocals that tell tales, notice ‘À Contrecoeur’, and ‘Une Nuit Avec Mon Ennemi’ , feel the breath of the artist and head on to ‘Quiet Violence’ the anger of all love’s lost remains, and pour red wine in the glass on ‘Que Reste-t-il de Notre Amour ?’.

Us in the Wave expect artists to expose art and make new retro-cult works like Hante.

No more ranking system on Last Day Deaf. This one is a real masterpiece!

Mike Dimitriou