Six recent tunes of the ‘mind-blowing’ jazz, jazztronica, afro-jazz (and the list goes on, but jazz is the basis!) , with endless groove, to… Groove on.

Kairiko – Intimate Stories

(nu jazz, fusion)

Jordan Peters – Étude For Humanity (feat. Mike “Maz” Maher & David Frazier Jr.)

(indie electronic, jzztronica)

Rush Alone – Inversion | Copenhagen

(nu jazz)

JayJay Brass Dance – Éveillés (Feat. Moe Betta)

(hip-hop, nu jazz, funk)

yerba mates – Bianco

(neo soul, nu jazz, funk)

loophole – Revenir

(jazztronica, electro funk)

Christos Doukakis