Six recent tunes of the ‘mind-blowing’ jazz, jazztronica, afro-jazz (and the list goes on, but jazz is the basis!) , with endless groove, to… Groove on.

Raelle – Cruel Nostalgia

(neo soul, nu jazz)

Juliette Lola – Could You Keep Me Warm

(vocal jazz, pop)

NYOUZ – Someday (Live Session)

(jazz fusion, neoclassical)

Toka Lili – Will You Wait? (feat. Irini Arabatzi, Markos Chaidemenos, Panagiotis Kostopoulos, George Constantinou & Erik Panagopoulos)


Marie Mørck – Days Gone By

(vocal jazz)

Jacob Roved, Sami Linna, George Kontrafouris – De Bug

(jazz, swing)

Christos Doukakis