Six recent tunes of the ‘mind-blowing’ jazz, jazztronica, afro-jazz (and the list goes on, but jazz is the basis!) , with endless groove, to… Groove on.

Cara Van Thorn – When I Take My Eyelashes Off (You Forget That I’m Pretty)

(vocal jazz, electro swing)

Jack Suddaby x Robyn Florence – Change

(jazztronica, neo soul)

Thomas Tempest – When The Clock Strikes Midnight

(jazz-hop, boom bap, lofi)

Wolkenpark – Wizard Wisdom [Feat. Rootwords]

(nu jazz)

Chris Torkewitz – One for You

(jazz, big band)

Gan Gemi – Metal

(jazztronica, spiritual jazz)

Christos Doukakis