Today’s surprise comes from a brand new song from the long-awaited album of Gravitysays_i that was uploaded to Soundcloud on the channel of the alternative label Inner Ear Records. The title of the song is ‘Quantum Unknown (Riveted Eye)‘, and this would be the last song on the playlist of their new album according to the band.

From the very first seconds of the song we can understand that it is worth the anticipation in which they’ve kept us since their last official release, the digital single called ‘Cry-Out’. If you listen to them for the first time, you`ll probably be impressed by the sound of the santoor, which was used quite a lot in their last album ‘The Figures Of Enormous Grey And The Patterns Of Fraud‘ (2011) together with some polyphonic melodies. What also makes an impression is the heavy use of electronic elements and ambient transits along with the other musical instruments; that brought to me subtle memories from George Orwell‘s book “1984” as well as scenes of telepathy pain from the movie ‘Beyond the Black Rainbow’. According to the band’s comment in their official Facebook page they will release CDs and vinyl copies of this album this September.

Makis Gevros