Godsleep is a heavy rock from Athens, Greece formed in 2010 and in late November 2018 they released their second album ‘Coming Of Age‘. The band is highly influenced by stoner rock, yet in this album there is a mixture of psych, stoner and heavy rock. The sound is familiar but fresh and gains the listener’s attention even more so by the great vocals of Amie.

Coming Of Age‘ includes eight tracks which are well executed and each of their style expose the influence of the genres the band represents. The first three tracks unwrap the band’s grooviness going back and forth from heavy rock to stoner rock. It seems initially that the style of execution is repeated but, luckily without it becoming boring. Then the fourth track ‘Celestial‘ which gives a Black Sabbath feeling with blues-y turns. After a short instrumental track ‘Puku Dom‘ which I personally would like to unfold more, since the band had shown its potential up to that point, the album reaches its end with three powerful tracks: ‘Basic (The Fundamentals of Craving)‘ opens with, Amie alone, singing the first verse, and it’s unlikely you won’t realise from the beginning that she has a pure rock voice, but this opening is great. This track is my personal favourite for its overall vivid energy and complex composition. ‘Karma is a Kid‘ has a reverse execution as its intro are the vocals and the rest is an instrumental heavy stoner fusion. The last track ‘Ded Space‘ is a more passionate track which gives a more grunge feeling.

If this album is a child coming of age then I guess that the future work of Godsleep will offer us a music storm of heaviness and grooviness.

Mary Kalaitzidou