Curated by: Christos Doukakis

Brief bio as a DJ

My first DJ set happens at summer 2001 in Vienna ’s old club, it was afterparty of big VFW Fest. Where we are with my friend Max back to back, playing space disco, a small but secular audience furiously dancing in a circle. It was the right debut! That summer I played in the Golden Poodle Club in Hamburg and realized that it was mine. After that I started to organize parties where I played myself. in 2002-2005 it was a Happy Mondays parties, it really happened on Mondays in the legendary Atlantic restaurant, opened in the 70s. I continue my DJ trip through the universe of strange events and situations in the weird oases of beauty desolation.

Which is your favourite venue?

It was Wanda Casino Space, there was a round dance floor, a velvet ceiling and partitions in the form of huge playing cards! In the mid-2000s, the entrance there was free, there were few players, but many young freaks.

Please name 3 Dj’s that have inspired you most…

I don’t listen to other Djs.

-Choose only one option of the following-

Vinyl or Cd?


Sunrise or sunset?

Both amazing!

Urban or rural?


Hardware or PC set?


Cinema or theatre?


Black or white?

It is the same!

Goa or psy?

Bollywood disco

Chicago house or Detroit techno?

Pan Sonic

Body or mind?


Scuba-diving or mountain climbing?

Alco surf

Tell us which do you consider your best trick in relation to DJ skills?

Eclectic music selection.

Now we would like a 5-track set for our readers

Which is your favourite food & drink?

Pasta & wine.

Where can your fans find you…




Name your wishful Back 2 Back

Doug Shipton