Giusurum was created in April 2008 without a specific reason and purpose. These years (which have passed very quick;y) we managed to release two music compilations (2009, 2012) and a music DVD (2014). We do not know how long more giusurum will be “alive” and for how long it will be updated but we are confident for one thing that good music will never cease being heard in the land of giusurum.

Now, in the 10th year of its existence, giusurum delves into memory and drawers and presents the third music compilation consisting mainly of unreleased songs of Greek English-speaking bands.

Small diamonds (always without limitations) of favorite bands that have left their mark in the Greek music scene, most of which (songs) were not lucky enough to find the way to the official discography. From punk and pure rock to new wave, to indie pop and even further. Songs from 80’s to our days. Songs specifically remixed for our new compilation and in any case favorites songs here in the land of giusurum.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the implementation of this music collection and especially Gloria Estebahn, once again, for the artwork that she designed for this collection.

And as we often say “the torch to the real protagonist. Music“.


 1)Moot Point – Ανάρρωση  

2) Serpentine – Felicias voice in the cellar  

3)NEXT TIME PASSIONS  – A message to pretty  

4) Split Image – Habeas Corpus (2017 remix for Indie Side of Music Vol.III)  

5)Statues In Motion – Pinky Complex (Live at Death Disco, Athens)  

6)Common Sense – Suspended  

7)Flowers Of Romance – It’s Survival  

8)Fuzzy Nerds -Lying Underground (live at Ioannina Rock City Festival II)  

9)Yeah! – To the bone  

10)Petunia Pig – The rain it raineth  

11)Eko Tiger – Blue Point  

12)New Zero God –  Cloud Of Dreams (Cloudy mix for Indie Side of Music Vol.III)  


June 2017




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