Today, with great regret, we announce the loss of Stefan Joel Weisser aka Z’ev. An artist capable of changing the concept of experimental music already since the 70s. Defined as one of the pioneers of industrial music, Z’ev was able to produce poetry from his art; Poetry made of noises, sounds, always competent enough to paint the emotions of those who listen to them; always able to create temporal spaces in which the soul awakens to the poetic rhythms of this great artist.

Although he was a pioneer of industrial and concrete music, just remember that as early as 1975, some his works were exhibited at the Second Generation exhibition at The Museum Of Conceptual Art in San Francisco, today we want to commemorate not only the artist, not only his innovation, but also a man, true, who in fact transformed industrial music into a visual and sound poetry, who dedicated his life to dig the most obscure and emotional points of each of us.

Goodbye Z’ev…

Goodbye, supreme master. May the firmaments dance under the rhythm of your prose, of your percussion and your soul.

Antonio Cristofaro