Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Honest Men – ‘Stuck!’

Austin’s alt/indie trio Honest Men’s latest single ‘Stuck!’ is considerable sample of its artistry: Solid rhythm, and energy, well balanced, dynamic vocals, addictive chorus and quite a few great great hooks to connect with!  

About Honest Men

Formed in 2016 after meeting at college in Waco, TX, frontman Seth Findley, guitarist Brooks Whitehurst, and drummer Zach Solomon set off to make a name for themselves. Cultivating a shimmering indie alternative rock sound of bold hooks, catchy melodies, vulnerability, and intention, the men took to the studio and the road the following years, releasing a handful of EP’s and singles while touring Texas and the surrounding states.

As their fan base grew, so did the bandmates themselves as they transitioned from college into adulthood, moving to Austin, TX while continuing to develop and mature their craft. As the world stood still in 2020, Honest Men locked themselves in the studio to write and record a career-defining sophomore album.

The year saw a re-release of the band’s discography into a singular album ‘I’m Okay’ (achieving over 9 million streams to date) and the completion of their sophomore album ‘Field of Vision’, set to release November 12th, 2021. Helmed by it’s lead single ‘A Spectrum’, the album explores the deeper side of humanity, love, loss, fear, and questioning, and showcases a more confident, mature sound that redefines the band while still holding true to what makes them Honest Men.

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MOLTENO – ‘Illuminate’

The futuristic electro pop sound of Brit, rising artist MOLTENO, at its very best with her latest single ‘Illuminate’, which explores the power of autonomy. Stunning production, ideal arrangement, angelic vocals and heavenly melodies… No need for much more really! 


MOLTENO weaves atmospherics with art pop to produce elemental inspired tracks. An accomplished vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, she has been praised as the love child of Bjork & Bat For Lashes.

Often described as a convergence point of dream pop, alt r&B feels and trip hop beats MOLTENO’s 2021 releases are a sonic and visual journey through outer space and across the Earth, taking audiences to the moon, stars and beyond.

Given that MOLTENO is an immersive project, she collaborates with fashion labels; such as Longshaw Ward and Eirinn Hayhow, for photoshoots & stage outfits – allowing her now signature colour palette and style to remain individual, with touches of the futuristic.

As MOLTENO progresses, she finds herself moving towards an art pop, lo-fi and electronic pop direction. Her current influences range from ABRA, Grimes & Sevdaliza to FKA Twigs.

MOLTENO has taken her ethereal performance to the likes of Camp Bestival, Fractalight Festival Of Light and Camden Assembly alongside radio sessions with Shoreditch FM & Soho Radio. With support from Fresh On The Net, BBC Introducing and Spotify Editorial.

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Sahara Beck – ‘Kryptonite’

Australian singer-songwriter, and synth-pop fairy, recently gifted us with her astonishing single, produced by ARIA Award-nominated studio extraordinaire Tony Buchen (Mansionair, Courtney Barnett), featuring one of her most wonderful vocal performances. Not to mention the inspiriting vibes and chorus that you’re going to go bananas! 

About Sahara Beck

Queensland, Australia’s Sahara Beck is known for having one of the most powerful voices.

As a songwriter, she’s had multiple placings in the International Songwriting Competition, as well as the Nashville-based Unsigned Only Competition and in 2019 she placed in the Top 3 in the illustrious Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition.

She has won numerous Queensland Music Awards as well as the Carol Lloyd Award—affording Sahara the opportunity to record an album with Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, Tones and I, The Jungle Giants).

Sahara has received radio support across the globe, including influential stations such as FluxFM Germany, Radio Doble Nueve Peru, 2XM Ireland, Radio Alternative Rock Brazil, Radio One India and ZFM Netherlands.

Sahara was featured on ASIA POP 40 as the #AlternativeChoice. Asia Pop 40’s audience is in the millions, broadcasting to 100+ radio stations across SE Asia, Asia, Middle East, Australasia and N. America.

Her new single ‘Kryptonite’ comes off the back of her international collaboration with @PurpleDiscoMachine. She co-wrote and feature on “Can’t Get Enough”(Sweat It Out/Sony Music Europe).

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Molly Baker – ‘Floating’

We simply cannot get over Molly Baker’s stunningly emotive vocal performance in her most recent adult contemporary/country-pop blend ‘Floating’, about realizing your feelings that you thought you may have lost or didn’t know you had. Instant crush! 

About Molly Baker

Molly is an honor roll student, who puts time into both academics and music. She discovered a love for the stage by participating in open mic nights, and multiple musicals through school. Molly enjoys working with her peers to create a fun experience for the audience! Throughout the years, she has learned the importance of community service, giving back, and coming out of her comfort zone to try new things. This reflects in her efforts with music. She has started to record music videos and has done many lyric videos for her original songs, which you can find on her youtube channel, Molly Baker.

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Favours – ‘Escaping’

A sterling brew of dream pop, new wave and indie pop is Favours’ ‘Escaping’, which is the newest single from ‘Left Behind’. Canadian trio entered the time capsule and pressed the huge, red “80s” button!

About Favours

Favours are made up of Jacq and Alex. They released their first LP “Made to Wait” in 2020. It was recorded at Candle recording Studios and featured the song Stowaway and In the Night on Netflix TV show “Northern Rescue”.

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Alba Rose – ‘Serendipity’

Wellington-based (New Zealand) indie/soul singer-songwriter Alba Rose’s is a transcendent, silky neo-soul gem with nu jazz finishing touches, taken from her recently released debut ‘Silhouette’ EP. According to Rose, the song is about the common human nature of believing and seeing only what we want to believe, which in actual fact is quite different to the reality of a situation. Angelic!

About Alba Rose

Alba Rose is a 22 year old indie-soul singer-songwriter & producer currently based in Wellington New Zealand. The name Alba, meaning ‘sunrise,’ is derived from her Spanish heritage and is also her middle name, with the word translating to ‘first light of the early dawn’ in English.

The past 4 years for Alba have been spent working on a variety of musical projects. The main being her involvement leading an indie-pop New Zealand-based band called ‘Corduroy’, in which together they released two x EP’s, six x singles, toured across the country playing sold out shows, supported international artist and leading NZ artist (Great Gable, Spacey Jane, Mako Road, Summer Thieves) as well as featured at some of New Zealand’s leading summer festivals (Rhythm & Vines, Bay Dreams). Alba has also become a recognisable name within New Zealand’s underground Liquid Drum & bass scene through her collaborations with NZ producers, with her single ‘Breathe’ with CSM making the Top 20 Liquid chart in 2020.

Kicking off her solo project early 2021, Alba has been quietly amassing an eclectic body of new material, with indie-soul, Jazz and indie-pop influences. The 27th of August marks her debut release, with a five track EP expected for late 2021. All songs have been produced by Alba Rose and mixed my London-based Jim Macrae (Jordan Rakei, Yukul, Arjuna Oaks) and tracked and Mastered at PureSound Studios in New Zealand

Through her studies majoring in Psychology and Sociology, lyrical themes consistent throughout her music includes positive brain behaviour, letting go of one’s self pressure and expectations, self acceptance and learning to trust the processes of life. With a jam packed past few months performing shows across the country, with summer festivals and a debut tour already locked in, lots is on the horizon for this New Zealand up & comer. Alba Rose is an artist you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

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IMONI – ‘Cheap Dreams’

UK r&b artist IMONI offers a breath of fresh air with her latest single ‘Cheap Dreams’, featuring her ethereal vocals and an enthralling, noir sound. [Stay tuned for her 9+1 Q&A dropping late next week!]


Nocturnal and dreamy, Essex singer-songwriter IMONI’s captivating sound contrasts dark R&B/hip-hop beats with sweet and soulful vocals. After her first collaborative release with rapper Piers James (“Unfinished Business”) was premiered by DJ Target on BBC Radio 1Xtra, supported by Complex and was added to Spotify’s Chilled Pop Hits playlist, IMONI went on to release her debut single which received support from BBC Music Introducing and landed playlist spots such as Apple Music’s New Music Daily and Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Hip Hop.

IMONI is back with a new empowered energy in 2021 after having the time to focus on her music during lockdown and experiment with her sound. Working with local DJ/producer LYP (Stuart Braybrooke) on her upcoming releases, the collaboration has led to their unique, deeper, darker spin on R&B, hip hop and neo-soul elements as heard on IMONI’s new single, “Cheap Dreams”, which is out now on all platforms.

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Calyco – ‘Dance With U’

British r&b/pop quintet Calyco’s ‘Dance With U’, features some of the most memorable vocal harmonies of 2021, and shamelessly catchy melodies that will help you smile and dance on endless repeat. Smooth, uplifting and full of positive energy!

About Calyco

Calyco are a fresh new 5-piece pop/rnb girl group based in the UK. The original name of the group is made from the letters of ‎members. Angel, Chloe, Izzy, Julie and Tyger.

With 5 lead singers and 5 strong personalities , Calyco write and perform their own songs. They provide quality rnb/pop music, real diversity and are positive role models for a younger and older audience. Calyco continue to do things in their own style and entertain their fans (known as Calyco Soldiers) with a mixture of original songs, reviews, languages and very entertaining 60-second vlogs on social media. A tour in 2022 is being already being planned.

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Zulus – ‘FASHOLIE’

Zulus’ latest release, ‘FASHOLIE’, is among the rap trio’s best releases, with dynamic rapping, ace flow, killer bass and tons of attitude and an unpredictable, gradual, jaw-dropping climax. The lads kill it and this is a pure underground banger you have to get your hands on asap!

About Zulus

In July 2019, two brothers, Montae and Tre Zulu along with their childhood friend DayDay Zulu created a rap group, called Zulus. Born and raised in Denver, CO Zulus are cutting out their own unique style in the box state. Incredibly, this talented group writes, arranges, mixes and masters all their music in their bedroom. In August 2019, dropped their first project, “Attack of the Zulu,” (Which you can listen to on all platforms) and a few months later Capital K joined the Zulu Gang creating the greatest All-Star rap lineup known to man! In February 2020 their latest album “Heroes & Villains” was dropped with great anticipation and in March 2020, they dropped their 3rd project an EP “What’s the Moves” that can be heard on all platforms as well. Listen to the Zulus, if you like Old School Hip Hop, New School Drill, Melodic and Trap, check them out!

[Note: All about sections provided by the artists]

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