Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Wren Wilder – ‘Want Me Too’

Emerging Indie-Pop singer-songwriter, Wren Wilder’s latest single is a powerful adult contemporary/indie pop gem of self acceptance, with an exquisite vocal performance!

About Wren Wilder

Musical storyteller, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Wren Wilder creates extraordinary moments through warm, empathetic pop music overflowing with emotional complexity. Each original song bursts with inviting instrumental layers that glide through folk, pop, and rock. She uniquely combines various timbres alongside the gravitational pull of her vibrant vocals: airy mellotrons, Wurlitzer, upright and Rhodes pianos, electric guitar, synths, drums, percussion, and electric bass. Through the art of mixing, Wren transforms these commonly used instruments, manipulating them in new and unexpected ways. She’s on a mission to write and perform authentic music that chronicles her evolution as a human and an artist, and to bring peace and comfort to the delicate teenager that lives inside everyone. Wren Wilder transports listeners on a powerful journey through darkness and light with vulnerable lyrics about transforming heartbreak, longing, fear, and uncertainty into confidence, joy, celebration, and unconditional love.

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GVosti – ‘I Got You’

An affectional indie pop track with eerie vocals, and spotless sound, dealing with mental health, by the NYC based producer, engineer, songwriter and musician GVosti…

About GVosti

GVosti (Gee-V-oh-stee) is an NYC based producer, engineer, songwriter and musician. She works in all steps of the creative process – engineering, producing, songwriting, performing and mixing. She loves to see a song through from start to finish and appreciates every technical and creative detail along the way. Her DIY attitude makes for authentic and personal sounds, which can be felt on her emotive new single ‘I Got You’.

Based in NYC, Gina Vosti attended NYU where she received a degree in Music Technology. Gina credits her time in New York as what established her creative identity. Drawing inspiration from the world around her to inform her music, she tries to create music that people can relate to so that it can help them in their own lives.

In 2020 she released her debut EP ‘Reaction’ under her artist name GVosti. The release has already accumulated over 130,000 streams on Spotify, proving that this up and coming artist is only going to go from strength to strength.

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Soft Punch – ‘Astering’

The power of art & willpower, but for the health problems.

Soft Punch’s Ryan quote: “Astering was an accident. When chronic health problems made playing instruments difficult, I spent a lot of time playing with samples on my laptop. In this case, I was toying with different rhythmic patterns in Ableton, just to see how they would line up. It was only supposed to be a little instrumental experiment, but to my surprise, a melody blossomed on top of it all. I happened to be reading about a Franciscan Friar who excitedly discovered new star formations with just a pair of binoculars, and that sense of wonder led to lyrics about relationships that somehow cross great chasms of time and space.”

About Soft Punch

After loads of touring in noisy DC rock bands like Tereu Tereu, and independently operating Bad Friend Records, and writing for publications like Rolling Stone and The Washington Post, Ryan Little got sick. Over the course of several years, his health mysteriously declined and he gradually disappeared from public view.

His health dropped off a cliff in late 2017, and he’s been mostly bedridden with a poorly understood disease called ME/CFS ever since. With the help of his boyfriend, he’s been slowly recording music as Soft Punch using an old tape machine set up just outside of his room. It’s an arduous, piecemeal process–vocals one day, guitars two weeks later–but the result is personal, intimate, gorgeous, and a bit queer.

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Madil Hardis – ‘Make Up For Lost Time’

An unexampled, spine-chilling sonic experience with ethereal pop, dark wave, classical & experimental electronic elements ideally combined via a pop prism. A spine-chilling treasure by Madil Hardis…

About Madil Hardis

Madil Hardis combines classical and electronic elements with ethereal vocals and can be described as deep and soulful Weltschmerz music, sometimes slow, sometimes faster but always full of intensity and emotion.

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Sydney Irving – ‘Make Me Stay’

A heartfelt, indie pop-rock ballad by 18 y.o. Sydney Irving, about a relationship gone bad, is a touching song we may all relate with.

About Sydney Irving

At 18, this Syracuse, NY native should be in the early years of her music career, but she has already been named the 2020 Young Adult Artist of the Year by the International Singer Songwriters Association. At only 14, she released her debut album of singer-songwriter songs, “Hello Stranger”. Things began to change when in 2019, Sydney attended a Barns Courtney concert and had the chance to meet him before the show. Courtney was so impressed by her voice that he called her up on stage during the show to sing his hit song “You & I” with him. Irving has had the privilege to open for artists like Matt Rogers, Drew Baldridge, and Mikele Buck as well as be the youngest artist to have a residency at the largest casino in New York State. Sydney Irving, who has been nominated for best singer/songwriter at the Syracuse Area Music Awards four times, has been writing songs since she was twelve with her guitar. Along with being named the 2020 Female Artist of the Year by Music Mafia Radio. With a fresh, indie rock sound, Sydney is following her dreams of pursuing music.

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Red Dirt Skinners – ‘The Lady’

Among the most outstanding song of  Red Dirt Skinners’ recently released album ‘Bear With Us’, is ‘The Lady’. A straight-forward pop-rock gem, with immediate melody and tons of 80 nostalgia!

About Red Dirt Skinners

Red Dirt Skinners won countless awards in the UK and spanned several genres before capturing the attention of the Canadian music press in 2015.

Within just 2 years of their first ever tour of Canada, the Skinners were invited by Canadian Immigration to become permanent residents under the “Performers of a World Class Level” category. Rob and Sarah Skinner were thrilled and honoured and accepted the offer immediately, turning their world upside down in what has turned out to be an extremely positive decision both personally and professionally.

With male and female harmonies blending together as one voice and Sarah’s trademark soprano saxophone solos, you will be swept along by the refreshingly different sound of the Red Dirt Skinners.

If you like songs influenced by Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Queen, David Bowie coupled with some epic storytelling, humour and heartfelt emotions, you’ll love the Red Dirt Skinners

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Scarlet Drive – ‘Back Down’

A tiptop alternative rock banger by Aussie four-piece band, about bullying, toxic masculinity, and rising up against the crappy year of COVID-19!

About Scarlet Drive

After three years across the West Australian gig circuit, a debut EP, national Australian tour and Spotify-curated single ‘I Just Think That You’re Cute’, Scarlet Drive are announcing the release of their last single before a temporary hiatus, ‘Ghosted’.

Following the success of their unapologetic and romantically candid new brand of music, ‘Ghosted’ takes a fun look at the people we unwittingly leave behind in our abandoned inboxes and marks a return to the band’s genre-defying ska roots.

Consisting of Michael ‘Milli’ Millimaci on Vocals and Michael ‘Barry’ Madafferi on Lead Guitar, this release marks the departure of long-time bassist Maddey Eccleston as she pursues new musical projects, bringing with it two new members in bassist Sebastian Fazzari and Conor Warrilow rounding out their electric new sound on drums.

The band kicked off the year with a WAM Award nomination for Most Popular New Act, taking out #7 and #13 of the 89.7 FM WA Top 20 with singles ‘Ceto’ and ‘Sad Robot’, but as lead singer Michael Millimaci moves to New South Wales will be on hiatus for some time to accommodate the new changes.

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Iris Gold – ‘Lover of My Own’

Co-written and produced with Eurythmics’ co-founder Dave Stewart, contemporary r&b/pop rising  star, Iris Gold at her very best!

About Iris Gold

The last 2 years has been a fantastic ride for Iris Gold, with more than 150 concerts at festivals and venues across Europe with rave reviews for her energetic and powerful soul / pop performances. She earned a nominated at the Danish Grammy Award as “ best new live artist” 2019 also was the year she released her critically acclaimed debut-album “Planet Cool”. The Guardian gave the album **** Stars. The release was followed by an European Festival tour with 33 shows spread across, Scandinavia, France, UK, Holland, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland Romania and more.. In August she stepped on stage with Nile Rodgers & Dave Stewart at a sold out Royal festival Hall in London to celebrate Eurythmics.“Fantastic, infectious, and joyous” – Clash Magazine “Singer-songwriter and wordsmith Iris Gold had one hell of a musical start, (…) getting the likes of Taylor Swift, Robbie Williams and Blur among others.”

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Aria Rai – ‘youth’

A vulnerable indie pop/adult contemporary brew by Aria Rai about the after effects of an emotionally manipulative relationship. Vital!

About Aria Rai

Aria Rai just broke into to the music scene during her senior year of high school with her first single “Numb” and her debut EP “Losing Grip,” which was released during the 2020 quarantine. Aria spent all of her high school years developing as a musical artist and writing lyrically rich, soul-searching music. Her original songs are now available fro her current fans and new fans yet to be discovered, who will quickly become addicted to Aria Rai’s powerful, smokey vocals and passionate lyrics that contain depth beyond her years and penetrate the soul.

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