Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Dean Nelson – ‘Aftertaste’

Dean Nelson’s ‘Aftertaste’ is an infectious blend pf alternative pop with garage rock elements, and its volcanic energy will keep you totally absorbed until the outro & the song’s deconstruction. Ace!

About Dean Nelson

Born and raised in Virginia, Dean released his first album Puzzles Vol. 2 in 2013 under the name Winchester with his cousin and longtime collaborator Spencer Jones. They found moderate success before disbanding the group in 2014 to pursue different genres and ends. They have kept their collaborative roots strong, producing and performing on each other’s subsequent albums. In late 2015 Dean revamped Winchester, collaborating writing duties with the lyrical savvy Danien Martin and inserting a new line up, he released the rock dressed Clever Girl. The album was a gateway to festivals and venues across the west coast. Including Kirkland Uncorked, Brewfest and Omaha’s Summerfest, even headlining at NICfest in Casper, WY. The fan-favorite Pom Pom championed Clever Girl; this marks the start of Dean’s spectrum in songwriting.

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Duhon – ‘IMA GET MINE’

An alluring conscious hip-hop gem by Duhon, with addictive, soulful vibes and great flow ideal for endless “vibin”!

About Duhon

From the very first moment Duhon stepped up to the mic, he’s been making that motherfucker work overtime while he sets fire to the bars with his wildly versatile and dynamic sound. Representing the unknown town of Menifee, California and determined to be the artist that puts it firmly on the map Duhon combines professional skills, real talk, and designer style into massive hooks that can’t be denied.

His collaboration with artists Mark Akol & J Clu on the track “Everytime” was featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist – and once word got out that Duhon’s “Hustle & Grind” earned a place on legendary YouTube-influencer Patrickcctv’s list of the hottest songs of the year, the momentum & buzz blazed up to epic proportions.

Settin’ off 2020 through the vibrant sounds & sincerity found in the melody, lyrics, and music of his single “Terror Dome” – Duhon not only started the year in an insightfully humble & honest direction, but the level of his skills from the hooks to the bars noticeably sharpened to the point where the mainstream has no choice but to take notice. Keepin’ that collaborative spirit strong.

Unleashing what’s certain to be another wildfire viral hit, his latest joint “Why Me?” digs deeper into his personal thoughts & emotions than Duhon’s dared to venture before, tapping into powerful imagery & enormous hooks that are guaranteed to get bodies grindin’ hard on the dance-floor of the clubs. Always ensuring that his latest cut is his best cut

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Cyma – ‘Gollum’

A stunning bedroom pop treat, in the vein of Mac Demarco, by French independent artist Cyma. According to its creator, this treasure is a love song, so prepare yourselves for sugar-coated melodies!

About Cyma

A multi-instrumentalist and multifaceted artist, Cyma is a singer-songwriter from France. Originally from the french riviera, he started writing songs when he moved to Paris in 2017. Self-taught and passionate, he released his self-produced debut EP “Living Room Demos” in 2019 and “Where All The Sheep Go” in 2020, accompanied with music videos and animations made by himself.

Groovy yet dreamy, his music takes inspiration from various artists like Mac Demarco, Childish Gambino, Tom Misch, Daniel Caesar, Mac Miller or Lianne La Havas

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Nieri – ‘Beautiful Music’

The Milan-raised / LA-based artist Nieri, recently released a shameless, electro pop gem called ‘Beautiful Music’, assuring you that dancing is the cure for what ails you. Bouncy & sexy!

About Nieri

Nieri (nee-eh-ree) is a pop artist, singer and songwriter.

Nieri combines inspired vocals with electronic textures and dance beats, for an uplifting soundscape influenced by his European roots, and his life in Los Angeles.

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Káss – ‘Not Planned’

Born in Tehran, Toronto based artist Káss, decided to leave a well-paid job, back in 2020 (in the midst of the pandemic), to follow his vision; His music career. And judging by ‘Not Planned’, he took the right decision, no matter the outcome. He’s more than gifted in unleashing addictive vibes, he’s rapping with confidence, his lyrics are powerful and emotive, and last but not least, his alternative hip-hop sound is fresh enough to bite our nails in impatience, for his next steps!

About Káss

Kassra better known by his stage name “Káss” is a self taught producer, singer, songwriter. Born in Tehran, Iran on December 6, 1987, second son of three to Persian parents.

Káss moved to Toronto as a child and spent the rest of his life in the Six, where he met his high school sweetheart back in 2006 and is now married and a proud father of two boys. Káss features his wife, Natalie “Baby Nat” on many of his tracks and they pride their ability to work together on their mutual passion for music, while juggling work and parenthood.

During his early career, he was recognized by the stage name “K.C Mafia” where he focused his style of song writing in the rap and hip-hop genre, which developed further into mainstream pop as he rebranded as Káss.

Coming from an academically advanced family, Káss was always directed to gear towards his education, thus leading him to complete a Masters degree in Pharmacy and practicing as a Pharmacist for over 5 years.

Despite his success as a Pharmacist, Káss’ passion towards music has driven him to many late night sessions at the studio, leaving him feeling with emptiness unless he followed and fulfilled his lifelong passion for music. He lives his life by the slogan “we only get to live one life” thus believes life is too short not to pursue your dreams and your passion.

Thus in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Káss decided to leave a six figure job to take his music career to the next level.

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Caroline Romano – ‘Grocery Store’

At just 20-years-old, the self-proclaimed “loudest sort of introvert” Caroline Romano, with numerous achievements in her artist’s bio, released her debut album, and ‘Grocery Store’ is its focus track, “grappling with loneliness and the longing for connection”. Among the freshest voices of this generation. Vulnerable and authoritative simultaneously!

About Caroline Romano

Caroline Romano has something to say, and millions of people are listening. At just 20-years-old, the self-proclaimed “loudest sort of introvert” has already written and performed into the hearts and ears of an anxious generation. With her debut album, Oddities and Prodigies, Romano is ready to take on the world.

Driven by steadfast determination and undeniable talent, Romano released her first single, “Masterpiece,” at the tender age of 15. By the age of 17, she’d moved from her hometown in rural Mississippi to Nashville in order to fully commit herself to her craft. Just one year after relocating to Nashville, she caught her big break with the release of “I Still Remember (ft. R3HAB),” which became a global sensation and entered the Billboard Dance Chart.

Romano’s songwriting abilities showcase her witty, introspective and hopeful take on modernity, romanticism and the highs and lows of being young in today’s world. Her music is refreshingly honest, which is probably why it’s struck a chord with millions of listeners and key tastemakers like Hollywood Life, EUPHORIA, Sweet High and Just Jared.

After releasing a number of successful singles in 2021, Romano is now ready to share her 16-track debut album, Oddities and Prodigies. From misty-eyed ballads to fiery pop-punk anthems, Oddities and Prodigies is a vivid snapshot of her personal and musical journey over the past few years. From tackling what it’s like to struggle with depression and anxiety to examining first loves and first heartbreaks, the record is an all-encompassing look at Romano’s personal growth and resilience. “This album is everything I know in 16 songs,” she says.

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LiLi Joy – ‘Keys’ (feat. Kayla Seeber)

‘Keys’ is an ear-melting blues pop ballad by LiLi Joy featuring Kayla Seeber. Just cannot get enough from the libidinous vibes and the impeccable vocal performance of this gem “that revolves around love and lust”.  

About LiLi Joy

I’m Lili, but my friends call me Alicia. I love all kinds of words, and I love bringing them to life. My music is something that I don’t like to limit by genres, so I hope there’s something on here you can feel connected to. Sending you love & light always.

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Ré Alissa – ‘MOVIE’

Los Angeles-based artist Ré Alissa’s ‘MOVIE’ is a sensual track paired with a nostalgic video shot through the lens of a camera reminiscent of 90’s home videos. A splendid mix of neo soul with contemporary r&b, with some of the most soulful vocal performances of 2022… So far!

About Ré Alissa

Originally from Chicago, the young R&B songstress and multi-instrumentalist has had the pleasure of working with notable artists like Juice WRLD, Bootsy Collins, Babyface and Toni Braxton. The skyward starlet proves herself time and time again as she navigates her way through the industry with a refreshingly innovative and collaborative spirit. Incorporating elements of pop, hip hop and soul, Ré Alissa sets the bar for emerging R&B acts. Not afraid to let her guard down, “MOVIE” invites fans to witness her imagination come to life as she paints a portrait of two lovers coming together as one. The value of sharing these special moments with someone else shines through as she explores an intense chemistry that we crave to witness during the highly anticipated season of love.

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Norine Braun – ‘Sex in the Forest’

Dreamy, indie electronic sound, sensuous vocals, 80s pop/rock influence, and uplifting mood for Norine Braun’s ‘Sex in the Forest’. 

About Norine Braun

A Vancouver based singer-songwriter recording artist, Norine Braun is set to release her 13th album, the groove oriented Songs For Trees in May 2022. Thanks to a Canada Council For the Arts Award and a First Peoples’ Cultural Council Award in 2021, Norine set her musings during the ongoing pandemic last year to focus on climate change and the healing power of trees.
Emotional, heartfelt and eclectic, Braun is an award-winning artist (Western Canadian Music Award nominee, Banff Centre Musician in Residence, Los Angeles Independent Music Awards, SIBL International Songwriting Competition). Her music is described as “delicious alt-rock with bluesy country hues.” Braun released her 12th album December Falls for Christmas 2020. It was heralded as one of 5 new seasonal releases worth putting under your tree by The Vancouver Sun.

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