Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

boerd – ‘Tomorrow’ (feat. Venus Anon)

The second single from boerd’s upcoming album features the talented Venus Anon, and is a delicate, almost fragile, indie electronic treat, with a spine-chilling melody….

About boerd

« boerd » (pronounced bored) is the alias of swedish musician/producer Bård Ericson.

Bård started out making chiptunes around the age of 15 (in 2006), and after a few years in the netlabel chipscene, he began experimenting with other styles of electronic music. Since 2011 he has released five EPs and three albums as « boerd », and have developed a quite unique sound – a melodic and dreamy mix between ambient, techno and downtempo, often using acoustic samples of piano, guitar and voice that he records himself.

Besides composing and recording his own experimental pop music, Bård is a freelancing classical double bass player since graduating from Stockholms’ Royal College of Music in 2015. He’s frequently playing with the Swedish Royal Philharmonic, Royal Opera and Radio Symphony Orchestra. His two latest albums as boerd, ‘Static’ (2018) and ‘Misplaced’ (2019), were both released on Anjunadeep and has reached more than 25 million streams across platforms, and recieved recognition from BBC Radio1, Billboard, Mixmag and Clash Magazine. For his new album ‘Caution: Fragile’ (releasing in September 2022), Bård has decided to go independent and release on his own label Blunda, with distribution by Aloaded.

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Védís Hervör – ‘Pretty Little Girls’

‘Pretty Little Girls’ is an alluring blend of alt pop with contemporary r&b, by the acclaimed singer-songwriter from Iceland Védís Hervör… An infectious pop treasure on social media madness!

About Védís Hervör

Védís Hervör is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Iceland.

After studying music production at Point Blank in London she teamed up with songwriting team BFD studios.

Védís has written multiple tracks for other artists and collaborates with various songwriting teams to date.

Although most of her endeavors have been behind the curtains of songwriting she has an ongoing solo career as Védís Hervör.

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Jazzy Chill Collective – ‘Live Your Life’ (Feat. Sofeeya)

Super fresh soul pop vibes by Jazzy Chill Collective, featuring the seductive vocals of the American-based singer-songwriter Sofeeya. According to its creators “is about living your life how you choose to, regardless of haters, naysayers, and what have you, and another nod to the social media validation….”

About Jazzy Chill Collective

Jazzy Chill Collective features the lush sensual vocals of American-based singer-songwriter Sofeeya, with music produced by Itunu “Hiteesticks” and an array of special musical guests., The debut album Come To Me fuses modern jazz idioms with pop, afro-Latin soul, and chill hop.

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Importer – ‘Black Box’

The latest single by Daniel Brown’s solo project, Importer, ‘Black Box’, is a well crafted, moody indie rock treat “about finding peace after the end of an intense, international relationship…

About Importer

Importer is the solo project of Daniel Brown, who was the frontman for various bands in the midwest over the past 10 years. Now based in Los Angeles, Importer focuses on using analog synthesizers and instruments to create well-crafted renegade pop songs.

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Mythie – ‘Mermaids’

Mythie’s ‘Mermaids’ is a stunning cinematic pop track with trip-hop sensitivity and alluring, whispery vocals, and “an ode to women on a background of electronic music that borrows from the universes of Björk… The best taster of upcoming EP ‘Until the fight’, due out this Fall….

About Mythie

With her cinematic, dreamlike work, Mythie is making her way through the alternative electronic music scene in France. Taking inspiration from trip-hop, electronic pop, and minimal music, the artist welcomes us into her poetical and mystical world. There, somewhere between dreams and reality, the listener begins an initiatory journey, in which by giving into the darkness, they might just find light.

Writer, singer, and producer all at once, Mythie is one of the “sound witches”, those who research music as much as they’re making it. As such, she likes to “fabricate” her own sounds, from instruments (kalimba, stylophone, keyboards, melodica…), that are then sampled, edited, and changed, as well as her voice, altered, multiplied, and passed through her machines. Always remaining curious, she constantly experiments, so much so that she sometimes surprises herself.

You may have seen her alongside famous French musicians: opening shows for Dominique A, or as a backing vocalist for Wax Tailor. She also worked in residence with Chapelier Fou, who helped her launch this solo project. Mythie is currently working on her debut EP, planned for next autumn. This will be part one of an introspective diptych, centered around animal guides.

This year, the artist also started an organization called Mermaids, helping to promote the work of women in production. She also plays and writes music for a show called Baby Pop, designed to introduce young kids to the joys of electronic music.

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Nothing In Common – ‘Down The Line’

Stockholm based Nothing In Common recently released their final single from their upcoming debut album ‘Trips Around the Sun’, dropping this Autumn; A woozy, indie electronic slow-burner with ravishing vocals and intimate melody…

About Nothing In Common

Nothing In Common is the Stockholm formed Indie Alternative Rock band comprising 24-year-old singer, guitarist, and main writer Alice Edstrom, guitarist Pelle Sundin, and drummer Bo Bjorkman. After meeting in 2018, the band’s name came about after realising how vastly different all three band member’s tastes in music were.

Nothing in Common is signed with record label Flak Records and has been producing music under the label for the past two years. After the release of their debut EP, Kicking Myself, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the band having to cancel their first tour in Sweden. As the result of not being able to tour, Nothing In Common spent the year in isolation – writing, recording, and producing new music.

The band is set to release their debut album, Trips Around The Sun, under Flak Records with producer and co-founder Oskar Marks in the Autumn.

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Soul – ‘HOME’

Up-and-coming British artist Soul’s latest offering is an ultra smooth mix of indie r&b with rap, and among the stand-out tracks from his 6-track EP ‘ANGEL’. Melancholy rarely sound so sweet!

About Soul

Hailing from the land of mediaeval abbeys and Norman Castles, and currently residing in London, vocalist Soul is receptive when it comes to inspiration. The upcoming EP ANGEL, an R&B record fused with modern rap, reflects his experiences in the realm of personal struggles and relationships, presented in his own style with shadows of inspiration from the likes of Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez and Drake. With its ever-changing rhythms, distorted backing vocals and irresistible beats, this 6-track project will undoubtedly drag you into your feels.

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Nolan Driscoll – ‘Drive’

Nolan Driscoll’s ‘Drive’ is just out right on time for this summer’s mixtape, with its addictive, retro funk pop vibes, with psychedelic finishing touches,  that’s meant to be experienced loud with the best company while driving to the closer beach… Such a gem! 

About Nolan Driscoll

Nolan Driscoll is a singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and music producer based out of south shore Massachusetts. For the past ten years he’s been writing, recording and producing his own music and playing all over New England solo and with a wide variety of bands. His eclectic and sometimes “on the nose” songwriting style combined with his upbeat funky vibe and guitar virtuosity make for a fun listen and an exciting live experience. His latest single “Drive” is set for release June 24th to be followed by much more music in summer 2022.

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Estella Dawn – ‘Cringe’

‘Cringe’ is the 5th 2022 release for the born and raised in New Zealand, residing in the US, singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Estella Dawn, a powerful pop track, with one of the most memorable vocal performances by Estella, and poignant lyrics about “toxicity in dating with lashings of confidence and a transmissible aura of self-empowerment.”

About Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn is becoming known for her unwavering confidence and boldly passionate delivery. Her music has proven a force to be reckoned with – her style knows no limits, and across the globe her growing audience is celebrating that quality. Divinely striking vocals carve out a fiercely distinct identity, as this creative powerhouse continues to raise the bar for the future of modern pop.

Born and raised in New Zealand but residing in the US, the singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist brings a depth of talent and ability to the new pop scene. Wholly encapsulating the art of a life devoted to music, the working creative writes, records and coproduces every one of her releases. Her ability to faultlessly unite elements of piercing delicacy and outright ferocity gives her sound a truly unparalleled edge, and allows her to transcend genres with spirited conviction.

Whilst her writing offers refreshingly original hooks and production traits, the essence of her performances and chosen topics will no doubt prove timeless amidst an ever-evolving industry. Delivering multi-layered compositions that reinforce a naturally compelling vocal, Estella keeps authenticity at the forefront – utilizing stripped-back acoustic moments when needed, to further build upon that inexorable connection with her audience. Her vocal strength and versatility is known for its expressive similarities with pop troubadours Sia, Adele and Halsey. Her songwriting, often either softly revealing or boldly declarative, sometimes both at once, tips its hat to the fearless releases of artists like Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga. Comparisons don’t last though, once the unique lyrical web and melodic appeal of each song takes hold.

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