Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Alexandros Kilias – ‘Pagan Cycle’

About Alexandros Kilias

When he was younger, Alexandros Kilias, balancing between being a professional pianist and a festival goer, used to travel often from his home country in Greece to the UK for gigs and concerts. One day, he decided to spare himself the endless flying hours and so he moved to South London where he was inspired to release his own music (some say the foxes had something to do with it). The ‘Weybridge Diaries’ is his debut album which was designed the same way London has been: To be enjoyed by all people anytime of the day, from the nightscape party owls to the morning tube commuters.

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Flavio Jerome – ‘House of Cards’ (Radio Edit)

About Flavio Jerome

A Belgium-born singer/songwriter, Flavio Jerome spent most of his life travelling the globe making music: from his early days in the “Capital of Europe”, to London’s bustling music scene, to the overflowing metropolis of Tokyo. From a very young age, Flavio’s world has revolved around music. Barely out of high school, he moves to Japan and experiences its underground music scene as a drummer. The support of his bandmates allows Jerome to discover his love for singing and songwriting. A passion which he carried with him to London, playing in Camden Town’s grungy venues and high-spirited pubs as a frontman.

Back in Japan, work on his debut album starts in 2016, recording between the hustle and bustle of the capital at Tokyo’s Nanahari Studio and among the clouds of an isolated, homemade studio in the Kochi mountains. Produced by David Naughton (Belle and Sebastian, Robbie Williams) and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright (Ed Sheeran, Bear’s Den), “Moving in Slow Motion” is set to release in the fall of 2019. The collection of tunes invites you to tag along on a laid-back ride, from upbeat pop tunes (“On Your Side”), to soul-influenced ballads (“Invincible”), to rock-induced anthems (“Talk To Myself”).

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props – ‘you don’t care’

About props

New bop ‘you don’t care’ takes the form of a swampy electro pop song channeling gorillaz and superorganism with a lyrical irony that wouldn’t sit out of place on a 1975 record.

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Hether – ‘When U Loved Me’

About Hether

Hether writes sun-kissed songs to deal with the vulnerability of living.

When I woke up in July 2017, I was hungover from touring with a popular Bachata artist for two consecutive years across five continents. I played guitar in the 15-person latin band while girls hurled their bras on stage; I puked in front of 10,000 people in Rome; fell in love in Guadalajara; played massive shows at Wembley Arena and Madison Square Garden. I saw so much — so fast — it felt like looking through the window of a speeding train. When the train came to a halt, I had the chance to think about what was next, and I fell into a dark haze. My sister died from a drug overdose over Thanksgiving the year before.

I remember my dad replaying her old voicemails over and over – crying. I held her hand in her final moments. After she passed, I couldn’t go outside or look at the sky because I felt overwhelmingly insignificant. I would get nightmares about getting pulled into outer space.

I never sang before but the night I wrote my first song as Hether the words came pouring out. I gravitated towards the sun bleached sounds of my childhood. The smell of sunscreen and the endless summers in San Diego. Countless nights were lost writing lyrics, drinking and staying up until 3 am making weird sounds on my tape machine. The creative process was for my escape, but the making of the music was for my sister. To have her hear what my heart was feeling. This is how I stay awake.

Everything you hear on these songs is me. I grew up playing a lot of blues, listening to Robert Johnson and Elmore James. Hearing my dad’s Coltrane record Africa Brass, I was introduced to a new world of improvisation, which lead to studying harmony and early bebop stuff. I love the sound of 60/70s beach/punk music and the whacky drum machines and blues riffs of Shuggie Otis and Sly Stone. I admire artists like Brian Wilson, Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, The Beatles, The Ramones and Sonny Smith.

This first EP is my own sort of retrospective of all the artists and songs that have inspired me, made me smile, cry, and tingle. I want my music to make you do any one of these things, or maybe all of them. K bye

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Kyle Emerson – ‘I Can Change’

About Kyle Emerson

Kyle Emerson, Denver’s buzzy indie-rocker, today releases the second single, “I Can Change,” from this upcoming new album Only Coming Down, due out this fall. One of the first songs he wrote for the album, “I Can Change,” features raw and personal lyrics which set the tone for the rest of the album – both lyrically and musically. At turns dreamy and driving, Emerson’s sophomore release bridges classic and contemporary sounds to create a warm, inviting, and introspective atmosphere. “I Can Change,” was co-produced with Emerson’s drummer Mark Anderson, who also took over engineering duties alongside James Barone (Beach House, Nathaniel Rateliff, Tennis). Currently, Emerson is the featured “303 Artist” of the month on Indie 102.3, Denver’s new NPR music station, and can be seen headlining the Underground Music Showcase in Denver this July.

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Algorhythm – ‘Pull The Trigger’

About Algorhythm

Algorhythm is a prog rock/jazz fusion band based in Montreal, Canada founded by songwriter, keyboardist, and vocalist, Alexander Lioubimenko. Algorhythm’s eponymous debut EP has allowed the band to make an assertive opening statement in the Montreal music scene. The music draws its inspiration from a wide spectrum of jazz and rock artists e.g. Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd. The subtle colours and nuances of jazz combined with brute rock-driven energy help define the band’s distinctive style. A high degree of improvisation is exhibited in the compositions providing a unique listening experience to the audience and freedom for the music itself to take shape. The concept of improvisation liberates the musician’s mind to interact with anything and everything at any given moment allowing for profound creativity.

Algorhythm’s lineup boasts professional knowledge from prestigious Canadian and American schools e.g. McGill Schulich School of Music, Berklee College of Music, and UQAM.

Currently, Algorhythm is working on a music video for their first single off the EP titled “Why Now”, as well as recording a brand new song to be released in the near future.

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Oliver Marson – ‘Cocaine Romance’

About Oliver Marson

Oliver Marson’s music is about the dirt, the bile and putrid rot that congeals beneath the streets, in dingy alleyways and in the deepest crevices of our minds. In a culture obsessed with aesthetic, with performing the best version of ourselves, Marson’s music is only interested in one kind of performance: acknowledging the dark side of human nature, and our inability to never know who we truly are.

This musical pathway was not a natural one for the London-based musician. Growing up in Guernsey in the Channel Islands meant that a diverse set of cultural influences were near inaccessible for Marson. However, weaning himself on an eclectic diet of musical and filmic references ensured that this idiosyncratic musician could carve his own artistic pathway.

Everything from The Smiths, Bowie, David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky seeped its way into the music he creates now. Oliver Marson’s debut single “Cocaine Romance” perfectly encapsulates the artist’s rapid path forward. With a clear narrative trajectory, Marson’s lyrics tell the tragic tale of a young woman succumbing to her vices. Fuelled by illicit substances, the woman undergoes a nightmarish journey, as her personal reality begins to contort and distort in front of her eyes.

The single’s accompanying music video so perfectly captures the song’s calamitous narrative. Actor and model Krisi Krilisi stars as a young woman undergoing a horrific transformation. Much like the films of David Lynch, this non-linear narrative reveals our protagonist undergoing a hideous transformation from vulnerability to the embodiment of pure id. All the while, Oliver Marson watches this unfold, a demonic presence manipulating the hallucinatory events of the story.

Oliver Marson’s music is exciting, bold and, most importantly, toxic. He is not interested in manufacturing reality, but rather exploring the darkness at the heart of reality. Influenced by nu-wave, jangle-pop and contemporary aggressive synth-pop, “Cocaine Romance” is a bold, aggressive and dark song that is sure to become an instant classic.

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Moon Boots – ‘Tied Up’ ft. Steven Klavier

About Moon Boots

When Moon Boots hits the booth, he’s got one mission: to give you the best night of your life. Whether playing at iconic clubs like Chicago’s Smart Bar — where he cut his teeth watching legends like Frankie Knuckles and Derrick Carter — or the world’s biggest festival stages, he gives people a release they’ll remember long after the party’s over.

Born in Brooklyn, Moon Boots’ (birth name: Pete Dougherty) musical obsession started not long after he could walk. His early love of piano lead to a passion for keyboards and synthesizers. Teenage nights lost in the work of Daft Punk, A Tribe Called Quest and Herbie Hancock followed. Then came college years at Princeton University, where he shelved an Engineering degree to dive into the musical abyss.

Knowing what he was meant to do, he moved to the house music epicenter of Chicago, where he tirelessly passed out demos to local DJs and scoured the web for like-minded people with whom he could share and expand on his sound. He played in a synth-pop trio whose demo caught the attention of Lupe Fiasco, and after a stint touring alongside the hip-hop icon, Dougherty went back to DJing with a renewed focus.

The stars aligned when he had a chance encounter with Perseus, founder of an adventurous new label, French Express. A fellow junkie and fan of French House and R&B-infused dance music, Perseus became a friend and mentor, the Splinter to Boots’ Donatello. The label eventually disbanded but Boots has stayed true to his mission of making dance tracks that can’t be confined to one style. Pete blends the music he loves — jazz, house, funk and soul — into songs that last longer than their runtime. Songs not just for DJs, but for everyone.

After moving back to Brooklyn, Dougherty was introduced to the beloved Anjunadeep crew. His relationship with the label and their artists has flourished, leading to his debut album First Landing (out August 4th.) It’s an album where cavernous club music meshes with classical melodies, warm harmonies, and bright and beloved melodic soundscapes riddled with soul.

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Arche – ‘My Only’

About Arche

Through their first video clip « My Only », Arche embarks us into a unique odyssey with the arch of « A ». These kiddos who seem to come directly out of the nineties built their universe through a weirdo aesthetic with a baseline composed by colorful gym suit, mismatched outfits and all kinds of vintage object. Plunge into the colorful Arche’s universe where the carelessness borders the insolence.

Christos Doukakis