Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Maro Music – ‘War’ Ft. Lex Lu

About Maro Music

Maro Music, (real name, Marek Walaszek) is a prolific Polish DJ, producer and sound engineer. For more than 15 years, he has DJ’d at major nightlife venues throughout Europe and Asia. As a music producer and sound engineer, Maro Music has worked with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, reggae and electronic music, including Agallah, Dominique Young Unique, Wu-Tang Clan, Sizzla, Redman, Bang La Decks, DJ Kazzanova and others. Sought after by the biggest international brands – Coca-Cola, Absolut Vodka, Jaguar and BMW among them – to create music for their advertising campaigns, Maro Music has proven his skill in the recording studio time and time again. His studio and record label, Addicted To Music, maintains a heavy schedule crafting original productions and doing mixing and mastering work for internationally recognized artists. The studio regularly produces Polish artists for Warner Brothers as well as for the bigger Polish record labels. Marek Walaszek is in high demand on the lecture circuit, widely sought by universities to speak about music production. He has served as a judge for the Audio Engineering Society’s modern music and sound engineering contest at the annual AES conventions in New York City, Berlin, Milan, Hungary and Warsaw. Maro Music has released music as the producer for MXF alongside DJ Frodo. Maro Music’s solo mixes have landed him consistently in the “top 5” charts on Mixcloud. In 2011, Walaszek founded Bettermaker, an award-winning, critically acclaimed manufacturer of professional-grade mixing and mastering hardware and software built for professional musicians and audio engineers. Bettermaker is used by a who’s who of studio professionals, including the GRAMMY-winning and GRAMMY-nominated mix engineers, Dave Pensado, Jimmy Douglass, Luca Pretolesi and Greg Wells. Artists like KO:YU and DJ Kazzanova also use Bettermaker products to achieve a supreme quality of sound..

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Your Friend, Ghost – ‘December’ Featuring Cam the Era Man & Yobbz

About Your Friend, Ghost

Your Friend, Ghost is a New York based music group formed by cousin duo Matthew and Jesse Chason. For the past four years they’ve been collaborating to combine their musical talents and styles into something new and unique. By fusing aspects from alternative, indie, rock, lo-fi and hip-hop genres, Your Friend, Ghost explores some of the more difficult existential questions we all face, reminding us not only of our of pain but also our humanity in the face of struggle.

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While True – ‘Leap’

About While True

While True, is the new side project by Rotem Doron better known for his Psychedelic Trance project Roger Rabbit. Doron bring us a super groovy sound, hypnotic atmosphere. Superb techno blast that for sure will move your body and soul on the dance floor!

Producing electronic music since 2003, “While True” in the world of computer science means for eternity/ infinity, electronic music of all types (which is based on computers) is a big part of Rotem influences.

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Galapaghost – ‘Cheeto Jesusland’

About Galapaghost

Hello there, I am Casey Chandler and Galapaghost is my solo project. I have no label, manager or band, so I produce all of my music myself. When I can afford it, I fly to Italy to record with my Italian brother from another mother, Federico. I hail from the small hippie town of Woodstock, NY. I toured Europe and North America with John Grant for 6 months in 2010, which included a prestigious slot on Later…With Jools Holland. I have released four albums. My first two albums were released on a small Italian label called Lady Lovely. I self-released my 3rd album I Never Arrived in 2016 and it already has over 2 million streams on Spotify and many rave reviews from Paste Magazine, Substream Magazine, The Big Takeover, AXS and many others. My 4th album ‘Pulse’ was self-released in January 2018. It received rave reviews from Alternative Nation, Huffington Post, Your EDM and many others. My 5th album ‘Sootie’ was released in August 2018. My 6th album ‘A Planet Without An Atmosphere’ was released in October 2019.

I now live in Austin, TX where I continue to write music and play frequent shows. My music was recently featured in the major Italian film Il Ragazzo Invisibile. It was directed by Oscar winning director Gabriele Salvatores. Salvatores also commissioned me to write a title song for the movie, which was featured on the official soundtrack. The movie was released in many countries and won many awards including a David Di Donatello award (the Italian Oscars). Netflix Italy also used my music for a promotional video for 13 Reasons Why.

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Carley Varley – ‘Found’

About Carley Varley

Carley Varley is a musician from Bournemouth UK. Starting off busking on the streets of her home town she has gone on to make her own music and become a full-time musician. Carley’s latest single Won’t Say Sorry is Carley’s first single as a musician and is now available to stream on all platforms.

With her mini-martin Carley has played in many famous establishments such as The Ritz and The Waldorf in London. Carley also won The Dorset Venus Award for Musical Talent in 2018.

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The Mowgli’s – ‘Wasting Time’

About The Mowgli’s

From their beginnings as a Venice Beach, CA collective singing songs of love, unity and togetherness, The Mowgli’s have consistently evolved as both friends, writers and artists. The band’s breakthrough single “San Francisco” cemented them as indie-rockers who stood out from the pack with their positive message and mission – something they carried into all manner of charitable and social involvement. The bouncy alterna-pop song “I’m Good” (from their second LP “Kids In Love”) has become a playlist staple, as well as a commercial success; and they rounded out their first three LPs with the record “Where’d Your Weekend Go?”, a collection of songs that found them digging back into their writing roots.

Their music has also told the tale of the group as they progressed – not only physically (they number 6 now, down from 10+ in the earliest days) but also emotionally and mentally as they balanced their feel-good anthems with songs that gave a window into the trials of a working band: From growing up and finding personal love (including with each other) to the pressures that come with being crammed together in vans and buses for weeks on end as they crossed the country time and time again. As the naive excitement of one’s early twenties grows up, tries to mesh stability with the need and desire to take their creativity into the world, they have often felt the friction that any relationship does. But as life finds them on the doorstep of releasing their second independent EP “American Feelings”, the band has, perhaps surprisingly, found greater bonds than ever before: If nothing else, the path is shared and those sharing it have an intimate knowledge of what the journey feels like.

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The Sweet Kill – ‘Shutdown’

About The Sweet Kill

The Sweet Kill is a one-man dark pop synth project swelling with emotion. The diviner of this millenarian angst is lead-singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Pete Mills; who portrays toxic love, desperation and redemption from the throes of addiction. After the suicide of his band mate, and personal battles with addiction, Pete speaks of liberation from inner demons.

The Sweet Kill delivers an atmospheric quietus and infectious hooks similar to Awolnation and MGMT, matched with the bulletproof production of The Cure and Nine Inch Nails. The latest releases feature the drumming of Darren King (Mutemath), mixer Dave “Rave” Ogilvie (Marilyn Manson) and co-producer Voli (Bebe Rexha).

Prior to the conception of The Sweet Kill, Mills had an extensive career in the music industry, signing with Nikki Sixx’s label with his former band Flash Bastard and getting kicked off the North American Motley Crue tour. Ulitimately moving to Los Angeles, Pete diverged into a producing career, beginning with a co-production credit for SoulKid1’s smash hit song “We Got More Bounce In California” with Michael Patterson (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club).

This single’s notoriety captured the attention of local labels which transitioned Pete into a successful producing career working with a myriad of artists including Sheryl Crow, Moving Units, Teddy Riley to name a few. The latest releases of The Sweet Kill marks Pete’s meteoric re-entry back into the spotlight of performing again.

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The Clubs – ‘Dance’

About The Clubs

The Clubs are an original 7 piece Funk band from Brooklyn New York led by Singer Ian Kirkman. Dance is the first release since 2017 and it will be start of an avalanche of tunes coming out in 2020. One Hit, every Friday of the year.

Veteran front-man Ian Kirkman has assembled a cast of Brooklyn heavy hitters including, Trombonist Kevin KevMo Moehringer, Saxophonists Jim Piela and Evan Francis, Bassists Adam Neely and Trevor Brown, Guitarist Curtis Brewer, Drummer Joshua Bailey and vocalist Malaya Sol.

The band will rolling up these singles into 4 albums with one mission non-stop Funk.

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Wild Manes – ‘Northern Wind’

About Wild Manes

Wild Manes is a 6-piece band from Brooklyn featuring the voices Lindsey Nadolski, Heather Santana and Jocelyn Conn. Mixing elements of folk, soul and indie with three-part harmony and crunchy guitars, the band walks the line between danceable energy, dynamic introspection, and stuff your mom would probably clean the house to.

Christos Doukakis