Nine “fresh n’ Green”, ultra tasty tunes to feed your music appetite. We are pretty confident, you don’t wanna miss those ones right?

Nathaniel Paul – ‘Turpentine’

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Paul’s ‘Turpentine’ is a super-chill & stylish bedroom pop track, with sugar-coated melodies, and sweet vocals,, and is the more than ideal taster from his upcoming, sophomore album ‘Turpentine’, out Spring 2022 via Awal…

About Nathaniel Paul

Nathaniel Paul – (Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist) was born in Michigan City, IN. After moving to NYC, he has been on the road touring with The Bergamot. His musical background is in classical guitar. He writes and performs all of the elements of his productions. Glide Magazine says Nathaniel has created, “a bold musical statement with cutting vocal dynamics that weave throughout warm and fastidious instrumental color. Paul possesses an acute sense of production and arrangement, creating a whimsically creative world reminiscent of Tame Impala and Mac Demarco.”

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GRLS – ‘fool for love’

Mexico City based multi-instrumentalists and producers GRLS’ ‘fool for love’ is a surreal indie electronic treat with luscious melodies, and addictive synths, that brought in mind underrated Alpinestars; Already looking forward to their forthcoming, debut album in 2022 on Mexico City based label, Movida Musica!

About GRLS

GRLS are Mexico City based multi-instrumentalists and producers Lucca Necoechea and Diego Andlovin who formed in 2018 during their brief time at the Berklee College of Music, Boston. The pair left school after their first to focus full time on their debut album. They enlisted the help of some of the songwriting and vocalist talent that they met whilst studying. The album project has since progressed into a unique multimedia experience. All music and visuals were written, produced, mixed, mastered, directed, photographed, and edited by GRLS.

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Shells456 – ‘Drunk Textin’

Philly artist& director Shells456 recently released his debut EP ‘Livin’ Room’, from which we chose ‘Drunk Texin’, an emotive rap treat with beautiful vibes, and was inspired by a drunk text… Vibin’!

About Shells456

Rapper/songwriter from west Philadelphia. I grew up in a ruff section of my city called Wynnefield (Will Smith Neightbohood) I can honestly say music saved my life. You can hear all the stories of struggle on my new EP called “Livin’ Room” I don’t consider myself to be a “gangster rapper” I simple try to tell my story in a relatable, melodic ,digestable type way. thanks for listening.

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OgechiMusic – ‘Chasing You’

Nigerian-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter OgechiMusic’s debut single ‘Chasing You’ is an alluring contemporary r&b treasure, with an impeccable, well-balanced vocal performance, which is the perfect sedative for all the broken hearts out there!

About OgechiMusic

Born in Nigeria, Raised in Durham, and living in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Ogechi (Oh-geh-chee) debuts with CHASING YOU. Ogechi spent her early years in Nigeria, even then she knew she wanted to pursue music and art. She immigrated to North Carolina with her family. As soon as she graduated high school she hopped on a train to Los Angeles and hasn’t left since.

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Ivy Sole – ‘Call Me’

A stunning alternative hip-hop production, with engaging vibes, competent clean rapping, unpredictable progression, poignant lyrical content, and a valuable, accompanying visualizer directed by the artist herself alongside Imani Dennison.

About Ivy Sole

Rapper-singer Ivy Sole just turned 25, so she’s finally realized how little she fully understands about life and her music reflects just how hungry she is to make sense of the world around her. As a Charlotte, NC native and current resident of Philadelphia, Ivy’s sound draws on a diverse set of influences. Sole is the product of the gospel and soul upbringing afforded by her hometown, the mainstream R&B and backpack hip hop of the late 90s and 2000s, and an organic obsession with indie rock that she’s cultivated into a soundscape that’s all her own.

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Danny Olson & Vo Williams – ‘Night Falls’

Hope you are ready for the explosive, epic hip-hop/EDM, genre-bending, collaborative anthem by the accomplished composer/producer Danny Olson & dynamic, “prodigy-rapper” Vo Williams! This one will test your speakers… Massive!

About Danny Olson

Danny Olson is a composer, electronic music producer and DJ residing in Los Angeles. As a classically trained composer and accomplished live performer, Danny approaches creating with an evolutionary sensibility.

Whether he is scoring a film, composing music for movie trailers or creating his iconic dance records, Danny is constantly looking to break new ground and explore beyond the current musical boundaries. His multi-faceted approach of blending genres and challenging conventions has resulted in the coining of his signature style “Cinematic Bass.”

About Vo Williams

Vo Williams is a dynamic musical force and industry trailblazer for the rise of a new genre described as “Epic Hip Hop”. He creates his music with the thought of being visual, to support massive cinematic images, and has already built himself an envious resume in Film and Television. Vo’s song placements include heavy weight titles, such as All American, Empire, Ballers, Gears of War, and NFL Network, to name a few . Vo’s music can also be heard in games such as “Watch Dogs 2” and “The Crew 2”. His musical style does not fit any of the traditional boxes, but ranges from Hip Hop to Electronic and Rock elements. Vo wants his listeners to feel “powerful, unstoppable, understood and heard” even if only for a moment’s time.

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Dropper – ‘Ok Ok Ok’

The 3rd single from Brooklyn-based quartet Dropper, ‘Ok Ok Ok’, is among the best examples of current indie rock music: Highly energetic, addictive bass line, well balanced, super-cool female vocals, catchy guitar hooks with a gentle dose of psychedelia, and a lovely video to get lost in… Want more?  You may start counting backwards until their debut full-length album drops, on February 11th. Defining 2022? Very much likely!

About Dropper

We’re Dropper, a four piece band from Brooklyn, NY with some music we’re really excited to share. We aim to infect ears with gritty and plucky songs that touch on the melancholy, absurd, and emotional notions of finding yourself, sometimes in-spite of yourself, and baring your truths (with cans of cheap beer).

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I Used to Be Sam – ‘Gentle’

American acclaimed singer, songwriter & recording artist Annie Goodchild’s new creative moniker is I Used To Be Sam, and ‘Gentle’, is one of the finest sampled of cinematic, left-field pop, filled with heavenly melodies, rich orchestration, and a fairy-like vocal performance that lift this track to an uncommon, emotive zenith; An absolute audio-visual must for any art lover!

About I Used to Be Sam

Raised in “a full-on Irish household” in the suburbs of Boston, Goodchild grew up listening to ‘90s hip-hop and R’nB and singing in gospel choirs – their heroes were “the great female vocalists” Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin. After taking an impulsive trip to Guatemala at the age of 18, Annie formed the band Melou with an eclectic and talented group of musicians who toured throughout Western Europe and the States for five years.

Goodchild then went on to see international success as a featured singer for Scott Bradlee’s musical collective Postmodern Jukebox, and launched their solo career six years ago with the twinkling vintage sounds of their debut EP ‘A Random Physical Sensation’.

On a grueling five-day songwriting trip in Berlin – mostly run by white men – Annie met a producer who was a queer women of color, and began to speak candidly about meeting her birth father for the first time, and the agony of trying to reconnect with her biological mother. Her attempts to reconnect with their birth mother were met by re-rejection, leaving Goodchild feeling like “I was her dirty secret and a mark of shame”. As the artist recounted her experiences, “I looked up and the producer was bawling,” she says. “At that moment the name I Used to Be Sam came to me. This is the music I need to be writing. I came home and everything shifted. I can’t make Annie Goodchild music anymore, because Annie was who I had to be to get to this point. Now I need to start making movement.”

Emboldened to dig deeper, Goodchild struck up conversations with other transracial adoptees (TRAs) and sharing overlapping experiences informed the incredibly personal nature of I Used To Be Sam’s debut EP. With this new music, she aims to use it as a vessel to bring people with shared experiences together, and open up the narrative around transracial adoption.

The release of the EP’s title track marks the first of many chapters for I Used To Be Sam, it’s the mark of the artist making the bravest, freest and most confronting music of their prolific career. The track soars and skitters with crisp beats, sampled bodily sounds retooled as percussion, and cyclical snippets of recorded vocals that bring a melodic pulse; Goodchild’s voice wavering and roaring with a rawness that comes straight from the pit of their stomach. The songwriting is every bit as experimental as the journey that its author went on while writing their most ambitious and honest release yet.

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The Icarus Plan – ‘Kiss and a Knife’

The recently released single by Memphis, TN / Atlanta, GA alternative rock outfit The Icarus Plan, is an anthemic banger, with a colossal chorus that will directly seep into your brain for days!

About The Icarus Plan

Memphis, TN / Atlanta, GA alt rock group The Icarus Plan is the brainchild of long time collaborators Brian Link (On a Dead Machine) and Ed Harris (On a Dead Machine, Surrender the Fall). Mid-2020 the duo began to work (remotely in the midst of a global pandemic) on a new musical idea that would ultimately become THE ICARUS PLAN. Having spent the better part of the prior year planning / creating / writing / recording – collaborating back and forth across state lines. The band fired into 2021 ready to introduce the world to what they’ve been up to with their first official singles ‘Fools on the Edge’, ‘The Crown’, and fan favorite ‘The Garden’. With their fourth release ‘The Way Down’ and with a steady flow of new music (and surprises) set to follow, it is clear that this is only the beginning of a new chapter of a long and exciting journey…

[Note: All about sections provided by the artists]

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