It’s been a few hours since our lovely label Beko announced its closure via its official Facebook page:

2009 – 2018

beko is now over! 
After nine years full of hard work, of passion (not fully satisfied), of making friends with great people and, we hope, of good releases… 
We would like to thank all the persons who have made the beko adventure possible, all our friends, all the artists (over 370) who took part in the label and, last but not least, all the people who have bought the releases, listened to the songs and supported us through all those years. Thank you very much.
It’s time to say goodbye. And, who knows, maybe we’ll meet again soon.

beko loves you.

Please note that the beko bandcamp page will remain open, at least for a few months. You can still listen to the releases, download them or buy a copy of the records (while stocks last)
La Houle’s “Première vague”, which is out next Monday, will be our last release.’

After nine years Beko won’t be anymore… Thank you for all these years. It’s been a ride!

Christos Doukakis