Footfalls Echo‘ by Visionary Hours has just been released on Preserved Sound in physical and digital formats!

Combining strings, guitar, vocals, flute and clarinet, Visionary Hours creates slowly evolving pieces full of space and gently revealed micro melodies.

Visionary Hours uses genuine tape echo created through a Revox B77 reel to reel tape recorder, and other tape effects played by Richard Formby (Spectrum, Mogwai, Dakota Suite), to create warm swathes of sound that underpin the melodies.

Reviewing the album for Textura​, Ron Schepper wrote: “Footfalls Echo oscillates between ambient-classical and  ambient-drone … a rather hazy aura of psychedelia sometimes emanates from the album material.” While Peter van Cooten on Ambientblog praised the album for being “…a unique blend of analog sounds“.