What can I write about divine music of Federico Albanese?

Born in 1982 In Milan, Federico is a pianist, composer, and music producer, floating on the most emotional oceans of crossover-neoclassical spectrum, with elements of ambient pop, minimal, electronic, and cinematica. Three magnificent studio albums, ‘The Houseboat And The Moon‘, ‘The Blue Hour‘, ‘By The Deep Sea‘, many works as producer, for commercials and films and an avant-garde duet La Blanche Alchimie with Jessica Einaudi.

The Moments We Keep‘ EP, recorded between January and April 2021, is a collaboration with Irish/Norwegian singer-songwriter Tara Nome Doyle. The EP’s title is a reference to Virginia Woolf’s concept of time. Four fragile songs that create exceptional harmony between Federico’s piano, and Tara’s crystal voice.

Οur silence is loud but it feels right” Tara sings at the soul-pop track ‘Waiting (To The Riverside)‘, Melancholic piano, and broken operatic vocals at ‘Morning Light‘. ‘Too Lost To Be Found‘, sounds blossoming, yet desperate. The EP ends in the most ideal way. The self titled track just grows in perfection. Βreathtaking piano melodies, extraordinary, heartbreaking rendition and lyrics by Tara.. 3’27’’ minutes of emotion, of unrepeatable beauty, one of the most amazing songs of 2021.

Another album by Federico Albanese that reminds us, the beauty of moments, the meaning of life. Pure Music, a healing for the soul, another moment of serenity and strong feelings.

Thank you, Federico.

Theodoros Rentesis