Faun come out of medieval stories, pagan fairytales and legends. The Berlin-based pagan folk team will release their new ‘Midgard‘ LP on 19th August. Earlier, in late July, they let out the first video ‘Federkleid‘.

Faun is a very talented team consisting of 6 musicians who are well educated in music; a visit to their website will make it all clear. Faun know how to compose and arrange that kind of medieval pagan folk music, releasing their stories since the 2002’s ‘Zaubersprüche‘ and constantly evolving their art while performing a lot. ‘Midgard‘ will be a musical journey into the north, into the myths and the world of the Vikings and the northern Celts. We will sing about Alswinn, the sky horse, about nights in enchanted birch forests, about sun celebrations, ravens, foxes and about Odin himself.  Their music is actually a feast!


Mike Dimitriou