We are more than excited that NYC noise-pop provocateur YUZIMA chose Last Day Deaf for first exclusive video stream of his video clip ‘RESIST‘, a powerful political music “dynamite” & above all a direct response to fascism in the USA!

Press release:

NYC noise-pop propagator, YUZIMA has released his powerful new anti-Trump music video “RESIST.” Blogs described “Resist” as “a melodic sort of clamor” (Impose), “a kick in the ballot box” (Swit) and “resistance is feudal” (Boy Culture).

Since the November election, YUZIMA has been at the forefront of the resistance, protesting and petitioning lawmakers without pause.  “I’ve transformed into a soldier against what is happening in our government.  Whether it’s the self-dealing, alternate facts, the anti-press moves or the buddying up to Putin; artists must be on the front line.”

The new video prominently features footage from recent massive protests in NYC along with symbols of freedom including the Statue of Liberty and the Immigrant Memorial in Manhattan’s Battery Park.  “I felt it was important to show what the real America is in the video, the inclusive, non-fascist, progressive face of this country and to put Trump on notice that impeachment is at his front door.”


“RESIST” is the first single from an untitled upcoming release, where YUZIMA promises to deliver more political songs. “We must use music to lead the resistance.  I hear people doing random songs, and I’m wondering what’s going on in their heads.  My music has always been a reflection of the world around me, and this video is a reflection of the energy of the city. Artists need to focus and unapologetically lead the fight against tyranny.  To do otherwise is complicit!”

Multiple blogs have featured “RESIST,” the song caught fire on Twitter and has since become a rallying cry for liberals. Impose magazine and other blogs have called YUZIMA the “Prince of Noize.”

The full release is due later this year.