Tonight we feel excited to host the exclusive video premiere on Last Day Deaf, of Dutch singer-songwriter Wyke van Weelden‘s ‘take me where you wanna go‘, ahead of its official release tomorrow, December 3rd. The vulnerable vocal performance, the ideal mix of dream pop with adult contemporary, the rich arrangement, and the poignant lyrics about “the pressure to show off our beautiful lives (online) while in reality feeling lonely and insecure“, result in an arcane sonic experience, for which the video directed and produced by by Wyke van Weelden & Manu Cabañero is more tan representative. This will speak to your hearts… Listen, and then watch!


Dutch singer-songwriter Wyke van Weelden (Leusden, January 17th 1993) started her career in 2012 as a 19-year-old girl on national Dutch TV with her song “I Do Love”. That same night she was #3 on Twitter and interviews and radio performances followed. Later she was asked to write for movies and commercials with songs such as “Make You Mine” for The Pool (2014) or “World Of Blue” for WWF’s biggest campaign of that same year. Even though her career took off she decided to withdraw from music due to personal reasons.

In mid 2020, then living in Spain, she covered “Soldadito de Hierro” (originally by Nil Moliner) and made an official English version called “Soldier”, released by Warner Chappell. Now she is working on her music independently trying to put the focus on bringing art and feeling into a song and videoclip. Her new single “take me where you wanna go” is really only the start of what she is planning to show the world. As she says “In my opinion everything should make sense. In “take me where you wanna go” the lyrics not only connect with the music, but also with everything that happens in the videoclip. I find image and videoclip as important as the feeling and production of the songs. I feel like I truly found my way back into music and that this is what I want to create.”